He takes me out dancin’ every Saturday night.

Well, hello there!

This morning I logged onto Facebook, and I watched this, and it reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas songs (originally performed by Tom Waits), so I decided to put together a musical Advent calendar for you. That’s how I’m going to try to keep NaBloPoMo going! I’m giving you a song (and often more than that) every day until Christmas! Maybe!

When Jeff and I lived in Nashville, we saw Neko Case performing outside the Grand Ole Opry. It was something like 193 degrees outside, and Ms. Case was feeling the heat. She tried to end her set early. Apparently, the people in charge reminded her that she had signed on for more time. SO, she returned to the stage wearing only a (transparent) bra and her skirt. The people in charge quickly flipped off the lights and the microphone, and Ms. Case was finished. Jeff and I later saw her packing up her beat up van in the parking lot. She was once again wearing her clothes.

None of this changes the fact that she has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.

Evidence with bonus knitting content:

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6 thoughts on “He takes me out dancin’ every Saturday night.”

  1. Neko Case seemed totally charming on Wait wait don’t tell me a few years ago, did you hear it? But then my sister went to a New Pornographers concert and said Case was surly and unresponsive to her fans. Ever since I have suspected that she is kind of a baby.

  2. I enjoyed her Islands in the Stream duet with My Morning Jacket perhaps more than I should have.

  3. Yay! I am doing the same thing on my FB page. And I’ve heard of only one song by XTC “Dear God” but I love it.

  4. The New Pornographers stuff never really catches me the way I wish it would (which it the sort of thing you might say about a nice guy who asks you out, but you’re just not feeling it). But she alone is amazing.

    I heard or read a piece about how she had bought an old barn and dozens of old pianos and was using them for her latest album and it made me want to know how to play piano so I could go there in the early fall, hang out on a ratty sofa drinking mint tea, watching the steam rise through the sunlight coming in the barn doors while I deciding which one I’d play next.

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