I used to have the Demi Moore “Ghost” haircut.

And I’m all, “Whadya MEAN you don’t carry Fresh Take? The store ad says it’s on sale and I have a COUPON!!!”

Yes. That’s where I am right now. The good news? I was able to score the very last Katie’s Pencil Box dress while Jeff was seeing Radiohead in Tampa earlier this week. (He was there on business and sort of fell into the Radiohead show. (Oh, the good life. Full of fun. Seems to be the ideal…))

This week has flown, and I have fig marmalade to thank. Before last Friday, my “List of Experience with Figs” both started and ended with “1. Ate Fig Newtons with Grandpa once.” Ah, but then I received word that my church’s Adventurous Women Out Late (AWOL!) group was gathering at a tapas bar! I put on my glad rags, drove ten miles south, and enjoyed an evening full of flatbread covered in fig marmalade and Gorgonzola cheese. I returned to the restaurant on Tuesday and discovered that fig marmalade and I are capable of much more than a tipsy one night stand. Fig marmalade and I are in this love together, Al Jarreau.

A few weeks back, I listened to The Moth’s Chicago Grand Slam. My favorite story didn’t win. In fact, and I hesitate to admit this, I felt like the Chicago Grand Slam was mostly a waste of my time. (I know! Look at me trying to be all highfalutin while wearing pilled leggings and mismatched socks! If I knew any French phrases, I would type them right now! Poorly!) ((I’m still wearing the boot on my left leg. No one knows that my socks don’t match. Until now.)) (((Speaking of the boot, I saw the ortho guy a few days back. I’m in the boot for another month, AND he wants me to go swimming. (Not with him.) It’s almost like the guy can see into my soul. He knows exactly what to say to piss me off. And I KNOW that “You should go swimming.” wouldn’t piss off the average person, but here I am. Unable to swim, highly self-conscious about being seen in a swimsuit, and pissed off.)))

Back to the Chicago Grand Slam. Peter Sagal, who was the host of the show, shared a quote from Dr. Stephen Weeks at Lewis and Clark College. Dr. Weeks once said, “The best way to live your life is to choose the experience that will have the most anecdotal value.” I love that. Given the fact that in one month I have to return to the ortho guy and tell him about my swimming adventures, you would think that swimming lessons would be the obvious choice for a high anecdotal value life experience.

And that’s why I’m signing up for a pottery class. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. Bahahahah. I didn’t see that coming. I took a pottery class in law school as an antidote to stress. It WAS an antidote to stress, even though I was SO not good at pottery. But, it was a lot of good, messy fun. I am much better at knitting, thank goodness – so I can have a hobby that I don’t suck at.
    Speaking of knitting – I hope your bones are doing that – and I hope they do it a little quicker for your sake.

  2. That quote is very similar to something I’ve thought – when you sit down to dinner at night, have interesting stories to tell about your day.

    My life is super boring, so I’m not following my own advice.

    If you hadn’t put that doctor in his place at your last visit, maybe he would have invited you to go swimming with him. And what an anecdote!

  3. I don’t know if this is a universal effect, but last year I bought that blue velvet one-piece bathing suit they have at ModCloth and it instantly crushed four decades of extreme insecurity about being seen wearing such a thing. I took my kid to the public pool and for complicated and stupid reasons had to stand right at the edge of the pool to keep an eye on him – and I’m not exaggerating when I say there was not one single other person standing up anywhere, making me pretty much the only thing to look at – but I was good with that because it was impossible to imagine anyone thinking anything but “holy crap, that suit is gorgeous.”

    Can’t really help with the swimming part though. Mostly because I’m kind of middling-to-sucky at it.

    Pottery class sounds fun!

  4. I will go swimming with you! No, seriously, I will! Until you are comfortable, or each time. I love to swin and the water. I also know that you will look much better than me (or is it than I?) in a swimsuit!

    Fig marmalade is life changing!

    Pottery class sounds wonderful.

  5. Mangia has a salad with figs that rocks. Pottery? Good grief! Is there anything you can’t do?

  6. I have a teeny-tiny jar of fig marmalade in the cabinet…I have flatbread…..must off to the store for prosciutto & cheese!!

  7. I’ll take you swimming. You can even come to the super-warm hydrotherapy pool where I take Eldest for her physio.

    You just have to get over here. You can get over here, right?

  8. I’m always amazed when you post yet another quirk we have in common… this time it’s the non-swimming. I hated lessons and quit at the ripe old age of 10 (having started at the relatively old age of 8). I can not swim. I do not want to swim. I don’t like pools and the ocean is fun for wading but terrifying for swimming. I think we should start a support group! It’s a secret I normally keep close to the vest. (I had to look that phrase up after typing it because I wondered for a second if I made it up, and I’m still not sure I used it correctly. Can you tell I’m drunk on migraine medication?) Oh, and I had the “Ghost” cut once, too, but alas, I looked like a teenage boy.

  9. !!!!!! How do you just fall into a Radiohead show?!?! I’m already having panic attacks about scoring tickets for shows that haven’t even been announced yet. Jeff’s a lucky duck. I was listening to a live stream of that show and it was amazing.

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