Special Pudding Moments

I went to the pool yesterday.

I went to the POOL yesterday.

When I walked out of my bedroom wearing my swimsuit, Harper said, “Mommy! You look so PRETTY!”

She then busted out laughing and said, “I’m just kidding.”

Last night, after I had washed my face and pajamafied myself, she looked at me and said, “Oh! I like those purple circles under your eyes!”


This morning on the way home from church we tuned in to Radio Disney.

Jeff: Oh! Harper! It’s the song!

Me: What?

Jeff: Harper and I disagree about this song.

Me: Why?

Jeff: Because I’m not too crazy about her listening to a song about a stumble bum. Listen. “TONIGHT I’M A STUMBLE BUM!!!”

Harper: No! She’s UNSTOPPABLE.

Meredith: No! She’s a SOCCER BALL.


Me: I remember the night *I* was a stumble bum. I had no IDEA how strong Southern Comfort is! Thank God for my friend Caryn. She took me home that night.

Meredith: What?

Me: I was feeling unstoppable.

Harper: Yes. See? UNSTOPPABLE.

Did I mention that I went to the pool yesterday?! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “Special Pudding Moments”

  1. YOU WENT TO THE POOL?!?!?! Hooray!

    I have no clue about the song you are talking about.

  2. Sometimes your posts simply defy my very best efforts to comment.

    But yes — the pool!! I’m guessing that’s just about the perfect exercise for an imperfectly-healed stress fracture. Go, you!

  3. I, too, am thankful for our friend Caryn who has helped me when I was a stumble bun.

  4. Well, she may be a stumble bum, but she’s also powerful and credible.

    Credibility is important.

  5. You went to the pool!

    I can hook you up with pool workouts. You know, if you’re missing out on your Couch to 5k instructions. I love instructions. Without instructions, I am just bobbing around. Whatever I’m doing.

  6. My stumble bum buddy’s name is Kati. She lives very far away, and as a result, I don’t drink much anymore.

    You know what? As a reward for going to the pool you should go buy yourself some yarn.

  7. I TOTALLY know that song AND the show – I personally prefer the SOCCERBALL version – HA!

    We just got 18 inches of snow this weekend ann it is supposed to be 60 by the end of the week – and when we move to Wisconsin as a child, my mom said it was so we could se the four seasons – I had no IDEA they would be all in one week!

  8. I can’t believe I just listened to that song. The whole thing. And tapped my foot to the beat.

    I feel like a stumble bum.

  9. Awesome post. (I know that seems like a lame comment, but I really mean it, so it’s not lame.)
    My four-year-old told me this morning before church,”Mom, you don’t match. AT ALL.” She said it sweetly though (we do live in Dallas).

  10. You went to the pool! That means you ARE unstoppable (children’s well-meaning insults aside)! You go girl!

  11. wow–the pool? I’m impressed–probably a good thing for all your stress fracturing…

    I am *not* a fan of swimming, nor am I a fan of swimwear. I do, however, have a year’s pass to the local community pool and have been known to take my children for a swim fun time. They are all little fishies–their father’s children. I could live my life without swimming, just a bit of hot-tubbing and I would be content, but since my children are fish, I have to comply. It has been a couple months since I have ventured out, however, due to the winter weather (that’s my excuse). It’s amazing the things you do for your children–I picked up a LIVE mouse in my house because my children were there and my cat was just torturing the thing to death (I did have quite a bit of papertowel between me and the rodent) but I did it for my children. Had it just been myself and my husband around I wouldn’t have gone near it at all!!!

  12. I dropped my membership at a gym recently when it occurred to me that the ridiculous amount of money I was paying them every month was going to support things I never (ever) used. One of said things was the pool. I think the only thing I hate more than being cold and wet, is being in a swimsuit, and being cold and wet. If I had an injury whose condition could be improved by a bit of swimming, I’d likely take the extra 6 months to heal. So huge props to you for going the swim route! *bows down* Hope you are feeling better soon! (BTW, I must have mis-typed “you,” as it auto-corrected to “yoga.” Subliminal message? Well, I’d go there….) :)

  13. YAY. I love pools. Pretty soon you’ll start feeling an intense yearning whenever you pour bleach on anything.

    My daughter is really into insulting me. She praises me on occasion and then insults me the rest of the time. What’s that about? Is that just a daughter thing or is it a my daughter thing?

  14. YAY for you for going to the pool!!! BJ rigged up a way for me to get in and out of the canal when I broke my femur last spring, and it was awesome. Water therapy is the best, so good for you!!

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