Jeff is in Orlando. I just turned the furnace back on.

Back in 2009, Jeff decided to take a family photo after we returned home from church on Easter.

Typical Pudding Weather: 25% Sunny, 75% Sullen

I have never seen a photo represent our family as well as this one. Jeff? Happy. The rest of us? On the edge of something wicked.

We did a bit better in 2010.

Annual Pudding Easter Photo

(The kids weren’t cooperating, so Jeff and I decided to make the most of it.)

This year’s photo is Very Much Okay.

Easter 2012

(I’m not liking Flickr’s new photo editing options. Change is so hard, people. Especially when you lose your white balance option.) A much better photo from our Easter is this one:

Chocolate Chip Cake

When I was a kid, my favorite cake was chocolate chip cake with no icing. Although my mom doesn’t recall making it for me, she made it for me. Fairly often. I’ve been searching out a similar cake recipe for years, and I’ve finally found one that I love. (The layers of cinnamon and sugar take this cake right over the edge. Go make it right now. I’m making another one tomorrow. Really. Because I’m still hungry.)

I was going to tell you all about last night’s produce haul at the co-op, but today is the only day this week during which I have a four hour block of time to work on freelance. My four hour block begins in ten minutes.

Tomorrow is another day. A day for discussing mangos and kale chips! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Jeff is in Orlando. I just turned the furnace back on.”

  1. The first one reminds me of one of those haunted house movies where the father is happy he got a good real estate deal and the rest of the family is dreading going back inside and facing the entity in the house.

  2. Hey! We got mango and a ridiculous amount of kale too. So. What, oh wise one, do I do with said ridiculous amount of kale??

  3. I really need to scan some of the old Easter photos in. The first one I was ever in, we were all wearing this blue floral polyester print. Mom had made dresses and bonnets for me and my sister and groovy 70s style shirt for my older brother. None of us are smiling.

    This year’s photo of you guys is quite nice.

  4. mmmm–that cake looks SO good. I have already printed off the recipe and am thinking of when I can make it…you could switch it up a bit too with Skor bits instead of (or in addition to) the chocolate chips…yummy…

  5. oh–do you realize that your front door is wide open? did the pups get out? :) Happy Thursday!

  6. We always make that cake in my family for Easter! We have my grandmother’s recipe for Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. We call it SCCCCC for short! Delicious.

    Very nice new photo.

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