So Far, So Good

I am pleased to report that we have reached the first weekend of our summer break.

Meredith has read over 500 pages this week, and has decided to devote her summer to reading the Mark Twain 2012-2013 Final Nominees.

Best Summer Ever

Harper has been focusing her energy on the Newsboys Strike of 1899. We’ve heard a rumor that William Randolph Hearst is a distant relative, and Harper is all fired up. (Like me, she now has the entire Newsies soundtrack memorized. This makes our car rides 94% more entertaining.)

Last week I won a bottle of barbecue sauce from the produce co-op. This morning I won some tea from Teavana. I made some vegan cookies, I’ve been to Gokul twice in the past week, and my basil is ready to be cut and placed upon a plate with mozzarella and tomatoes. (I measure my successes culinarily.)

I’m currently reading Ten Thousand Saints.

A pair of green tights arrived in the mail this afternoon.

My Acer Cardigan has reached the halfway point.

Functional Mustard

I do believe I have another stress fracture in my leg. (I’ve been walking in the mornings.) BUT, let’s not talk about that. (I’m registered for a 5K in August. Sink or swim.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “So Far, So Good”

  1. I will have to look at the Mark Twain nominees. We might find something new and interesting to read this summer. I hope the leg thing doesn’t keep you down.

  2. NOOOOO not another stress fracture. I want to follow and cheer on your running progress. I really want you to succeed at that. Sounds like a great start to summer. I work out of the house so we are just lining up alllllll the summer camps!

  3. I signed up for the Run For Your Lives 5k Obstacle Course Race (Really. to take place on Labor Day weekend believing that being chased by zombies might inspire me to run. That was in March and so far, nope. It’s not really working. I’m not so much running as baking a lot of cookies and not running.

    Our summer break begins on Thursday.

  4. This is probably a stupid question, but are you getting enough calcium and vitamin D?

  5. Ahh, Because of Mr. Terupt…a great book. W and I both read it recently and loved it.

    How can I be that I was unaware of Newsies until now?

    I hope you don’t have another stress fracture in your leg!

  6. maybe you should add more milk (soy, almond or regular) to your teas–to strengthen your bones a bit? :) Don’t worry–you’ll be fine for the 5 k if you have to walk with crutches–just joking!

    That pic of Meredith is gorgeous! You should frame it…

  7. I honestly laughed out loud at your previous post! At least the secretary said ‘I like your dress’ and not ‘I like your boobs’. haha…any way … you should go to CVS or your local pharmacy type place and get ankle supporters – like the kind people with sprains wear and wear them when you are walking – for support. Can’t hurt, might help. Just a thought. I am so glad Mere and Harper enjoy reading it really is a wonderful thing!

  8. We went on a family car trip to Lake Tahoe a couple years after Newsies came out and played nothing but the soundtrack on the car stereo everywhere we went. To this day those songs remind me of icy roads and falling off a snowmobile.

  9. OMG! She looks like such a grown young lady in that picture! I had to go back to your First day of school post…. she’s really blossomed this year!

    Sorry to hear about the fracture. Try to take it easy so you don’t do permanent damage, k?

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