And I ran. I ran so far away. I just ran. I ran all night and day. Couldn’t get away.

Hello there.

It looks like I’ve been away for nine days, hasn’t it?

Using what I’ve written in my calendar as a guide, I shall now fill you in on what you missed during the past nine days.

I printed some reports for a meeting. I then made copies of those reports and took them to the meeting, where I was once again elected into an officer position. I wore orange and did not have a drink after the meeting.

I attended a different meeting at church. At that meeting, I volunteered to drive to a train station and take a photograph of a sign. I drove to that station, but didn’t see the sign. (I often don’t see the signs.) Luckily, I *did* find a place to purchase a coffee. In other words, the trip was not a wasted one. (Warning: The pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is NOT vegan—even if ordered with soy milk. The pumpkin syrup has condensed nonfat milk in it. You’re welcome.) ((And another thing: Meredith has now been mostly dairy-free for nearly a month. As a result, she has weaned herself off of Prilosec and is having no stomach issues. She had been on Prilosec since she was six months old. This is huge.))

I had lunch with a friend at a place where the owner knows exactly how I like my veggie kebobs. (I have trouble with skewers (and onions). Apparently, the kitchen term for Skewerless is Kaboob!)


I went to Target to purchase running shorts for Meredith, who has joined Girls On The Run and will be running her first 5K in November.

We had dinner with friends we haven’t seen in over a decade. (White Castle parking lots don’t count.) Our party of four is now a party of seven, taco night is always a good idea, and although Mizzou lost the game, we still had a splendid time catching up.

Harper had a friend over for seven hours on Sunday. It went down as one of her best days ever, despite the fact that her friend had no interest in watching Newsies.

Piano lessons, trips to the post office, trips to the bank, freelance deadlines, processing PTO stuff, dealing with a migraine which is now about 60% gone, mourning the fact that I’m no longer on Lysteda, taking notes to plead my ablation case, and celebrating the arrival of my 30 Day Shred DVD which is still sitting shrink wrapped on my bookshelf. (Kathy? I need you to come over, unwrap the DVD, and promise that you’ll have lunch with me if I manatee my way through it.)

I finished, blocked, and buttoned my Acer Cardigan.

The Acer is buttoned and ready for single digits.

I learned how tricky it is to be alone while feeling the need to take a photo of the BACK of a cardigan.

The back of the Acer.

Finally, a few nights back, I found myself at the grocery store looking for SweeTango apples and vegan cheese.

Meredith: Did you find your apples?

Me: No, but I found vegan cheese! I went with Daiya.

Meredith: I hope it doesn’t give you Daiya-rhea!

Thank you and good night. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

21 thoughts on “And I ran. I ran so far away. I just ran. I ran all night and day. Couldn’t get away.”

  1. Oh Meredith and the wit. I wish I had the discipline to knit a whole sweater. Right now, I can barely finish this hat I started months ago.

  2. There is a chance I put the 30 Day Shred dvd when my kids are being rowdy and have them do it while I sit and drink coffee.

    It looks rough. I might do it eventually.

    I’m crazy in love with your sweater. Great job!

  3. Did you get the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? It’s tough, but by the time you feel like you want to quit, you get to lay on the floor for abs & strength for a few minutes. Also, start out following the easy girl. :)

  4. Wondered where you were! Now I need to catch up:
    1. What’s ablation mean?
    2. What a beautiful sweater! I can’t believe you made it!
    3. How did you do for Fight Club this week? I lost 5 pounds, but no sugar (or orange juice) and no bread is killing me!
    4. They always have veggie cheese at Wal-Mart in the produce section (if you can stand going there!)
    5. Meredith is a hoot!

  5. You have been busy. The sweater is gorgeous, I am in awe of your talent! News about Merideth and her digestive triumphs is amazing. My daughter is suffering from a terrible bout of reflux while away at school and is trying the no wheat method + prilosec currently. She is lactose intolerant , has acid relux and many food allergies (mostly veggies and fruit) and has been scoped,biopsied and prodded many times for various diseases (celiac and things I cannot pronounce/ spell). Thinking maybe she has a wheat sensitivity, which would not show up in all the tests she’s had. I can imagine your relief at finally having your little girl feel good.

  6. Great news for Meredith! What a relief to have a solution. And controllable with diet is always better than having to take medication.

    Now I am hungry for kaboobs.

  7. You joke, but I am seriously THISCLOSE to buying a plane ticket and, you know, maybe moving in with you for a while. (I’m seeing a new therapist today! My boundaries are all out of whack!)

  8. The sweater envy…..oooooohhhh….the sweater envy. However, just as you cannot win the lottery without buying a ticket, you cannot have a beautiful handmade sweater without casting one on…….more’s the pity……

  9. Girls on the Run is pretty awesome. We ran the 5K last year – yes, all of us. Me too. They let whole families register for the run. You can pretend you didn’t read that if you want. ;) Still, yes, it was fun. My first 5K. I didn’t break any records, unless you consider “Number of 5Ks run = 0” as a record. Then I did break one. But it was an awesome day, and my girl did her first 5K. She was pretty proud of herself.

  10. I am very interested in hearing about Meredith! My 5 year old is on Prilosec and is scheduled for an upper endoscopy next week (like, with anesthesia. And and IV. And me, weeping in a corner). I had no idea dairy had the potential to exacerbate (or cause?) reflux. In fact, I always thought milk helped! I’m learning and growing here! Bring me google!

  11. I love how you answered (my) questions about SweeTango apples…knowing they’d be asked! Yay for Running (not that I do, mind you), Friends, Sweaters and Not Having to Take Drugs!

    @Em: “To the Google!”

  12. HAHAHA …good one Mere! The sweater is beautiful and you look so skinny! Please read all the possible side effects of an ablation. My dear friend ended up with a hysterectomy a year after. Although, that is not common, I hope.

  13. YOU MADE THAT???

    I can’t believe it. Wow.

    Sorry, maybe it is no big deal. But I can’t believe anyone could make that without a machine. It’s beautiful.

    It must have taken forever.

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