Let’s pretend you’re coming over to my house.

A few days ago, I attended my very first Pampered Chef party. On the morning of the party, I asked Facebook what I should purchase. The response was overwhelming. Batter bowls! Mini-Whipper! Pastry cutter! Coated tongs! Stoneware bar pans! Garlic crusher! Spatula! Chopper! Peanut butter measuring thingy!

Right before I left the house, I told Jeff that I had three goals: 1. I will not spend a silly amount of money on stuff we don’t need, 2. I will not sign up to host a party at our house, 3. I will return home with no new stains on my clothes.

1. I cannot remember the exact amount of money I spent at the party, but I *do* know that I purchased an apple wedger (It’s SweeTango season!!!), a potato masher, and two batter bowls.

3. (There are no rules about order over here.) I did spill a tiny bit of chocolate sauce on my jeans at the party. It washed out. No stains!

2. You know me. I don’t invite anyone over to our house. I don’t have parties. I don’t maintain eye contact for more than three seconds at a time. Ah, but listen! When I mentioned the fact that I consulted Facebook before making my order, the Pampered Chef consultant mentioned that she was going to receive training the very next day on how to host a Pampered Chef Facebook Party!

So, yep. I signed on to be her very first Pampered Chef Facebook Party Hostess! (I’m a hostess, yet no one is coming over! It’s an introverted dream come true!!!)

All of this to say, if you want to place a Pampered Chef order, I can hook you up with my hostess site. (If you don’t live in St. Louis, anything you order can be shipped to you if you’re a US resident. I would now like to apologize to those of you who don’t live in the US.) ((I would now like to high five those of you who don’t live in the US. Have you heard about our presidential candidates?! Welcome to Crazy Town!)) If you order $60 in Pampered Chef product, we’ll throw in an apple wedger for free. (Did I mention how much I love SweeTango apples?! They arrived at our grocery store 48 hours ago, and I’ve eaten six so far. I deserve an apple wedger. And so do you. And you.)

Anyway, shoot me a comment or an e-mail if you need anything! (I need a potato chip maker. Imagine potato chips with chocolate drizzled over the top. Imagine sweet potato chips with cinnamon and sugar. Imagine the big goofy smile that’s currently on my face just thinking about the chip options. I know.)

(Disclaimer: This entry is not intended to make you feel pressure to buy anything. I hate pressure even more than YOU hate pressure. I’m just providing an opportunity. But only if you’re interested. We will always be friends no matter what happens. I’m pretend hugging you right now. (Not really.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “Let’s pretend you’re coming over to my house.”

  1. The introvert that is me is totally stoked at the idea of attending a Pampered Chef party in my pajamas! While Jon Stewart plays on my tv! And I drink coffee! (Can you tell my FB time is in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast and I hide in the living room? I keep waiting on my award for best mom ever.)

  2. I made my Christmas list a few days ago, and at least one person on it is slated to received “Something from Pampered Chef.” So this is perfect. Will you also send me a SweetTango apple with my $60 order? :)

  3. You will love the apple wedger, I have had mine for 4-5 years & love it. I was going to recommend the ice cream scoop that I ordered from them over 10 years ago (& still use & love) but the one they now carry is completely different.

  4. I went to one such gathering, and had to buy things because my good friend was hosting and I felt like I had to. Unlike your other commentors, the doodads I bought are the things I never use. Sorry to be grumpy.

  5. My housemate is a PC Consultant, and, as a result, I live in Kitchen Gadget Hell. You would not believe the amount of tiny, single-use-only things that exist in my kitchen (I did not buy them, she gets them for free/crazy discount because she’s a consultant. And so, Kitchen Gadget Hell). We have never used 80% of these things, and we both love to cook. We have been trying the potato chip maker for a year and still have not figured out how to get them crispy and not chewy. My utilitarian side winces each time I walk in the room.

    That said, their stoneware pans and baking dishes are amazing. The manual food processor is also amazing. The knives are great. But be ye forewarned of the gadget addiction in which I am currently an unwilling participant.

  6. I don’t know what Pampered Chef is. I never go on Facebook. I’ve been sick as a dog since Monday so no weight for fight club. Boy am I grumpy today!

  7. My daughter is a Pampered Chef consultant so I have at least one party a year, often two. As a matter of fact, I’m having one Oct 20th. We’ve had no problems getting crispy potato chips from the chip maker. I love it, especially with sweet potatoes. I really, really like the knives and cutting boards. The bar board is a great size. I try really hard to only buy things that I will really use. Good luck with your sales.

  8. I put my money on Ian winning Big Brother so I have some money to spend on Pampered Chef gadgets! But.. would you be willing to ship to Alaska? Hook a vegetarian gadget addict up with your link if so!

  9. Wait, a party hostess who doesn’t need to make eye contact with anyone? I COULD DO THAT!!! :) I might pop over but I probably need to make a pledge to my husband first. I’m not promising anything about stains though. That’s a bit much to expect.

  10. It’s been forever since I’ve been at a Pampered Chef party but I still use all my stone bakers. I need a french fry cutter. Do they have those?

  11. I don’t facebook or I would totally buy something. I am going to a Pampered Chef party Oct. 5th. I am so buying the mini hand mixer at $4.50! What a bargain!! I lost 2 lbs this week but had gained 3 last week. I am jealous about the apples. Still no stores around me have any and the website wants $49.99 for a dozen! How is your weight loss going?

  12. I’ll simply mention for anyone reading your comments and considering the possibility of Pampered Chef product usefulness that I bought a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone 10 years ago and that sucker is one of the finest kitchen accessories (big or small, stone or plastic, etc. or etc.) I’ve ever owned. Stories have been written and songs sung about the pizzas I’ve made on that sucker.

  13. Me and my 4 kids will pretend to come over to your house for a pampered chef party (yup–my baby FINALLY came–he was 10lb 5 oz and is already 2 weeks old and I already can’t remember what it was like without him. Max just came to me and said “Karl nice bay-bee Mommy!” I think he’s a keeper.) But yes, I would love to come to a virtual party–I’ll bring the punch (shipping to Canada might be a bit tricky though.)

  14. I was just yapping about not having anyone to order PC things from! This is SUCH a great idea. I am in to buy some things!

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