I wanna feel the heat with somebody. In my parka.

Thanks for yesterday. Many of you validated how I was feeling, and many of you admired the knitting, and all of you are appreciated.

Today I finished a few freelance chapters, made navy bean soup for dinner, and shopped for a warm coat.

I currently have two coats. I really like both of them, but neither of them are very warm.

After much searching, I chose a parka that I really like. (I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a parka, nor have I ever used the word parka.)

Because Jeff and I are in the middle of getting into Dave Ramsey, I decided to turn the parka into my Christmas gift.  He agreed that a parka would be perfect.


And after I cried about Siri’s use of whack, I thought of Whitney Houston.

And then I ate some bean soup. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

12 thoughts on “I wanna feel the heat with somebody. In my parka.”

  1. I tell ya, that Jeff is a Prince Among Men!


    “But OK sure — black is good”

    Translation: “Whatever makes you happy, Dearest”. Plus, he completely dodged the butt-size issue. Well-played, Jeff!!

  2. Getting a warm coat that covers your butt is always a good idea. Since so much of cold weather takes place in the dark, the red coat may be better so drivers can see you. You could get the black coat and then tape glow-in-the-dark duct tape to it.

  3. There is no parka of any color that will make any part of anyone look smaller. Which is fine. It’s not really what they’re designed for.

  4. So when I was in college, there was a kind of a thing, where you would be describe somebody doing something stupid or annoying and then you’d kind of raise your hand as if to imaginary slap the person who had done the crazy/stupid thing and say “Whack!” (This would be so much easier to just demonstrate in person – could y’all stop by sometime?) Anyway- this kid who just struggled sometimes to really fit in, didn’t really get it, and he got all wound up talking about someone who had annoyed him and then put his hand up and spun around and said “Whack-Smackety!” Which, let’s be honest, although less sarcastic, was way better than the original and awesomely funny. That guy has made me laugh every time I think of it for more than 25 years. Kudos to him! I’ve got a grin on my face right now!
    The corollary to “Whack” is Whoopah! There is an entire Friends exchange on how to make the sound of a whip cracking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj9hmg9eVkI
    Thank you Ms Pudding, for the laughs!

  5. OMG! elsiroomom has me absolutely convulsing with laughter here. I tell ya — don’t want to miss a single second of the comments around here!

    “Whack-Smackety!” deserves to become the next Facebook meme, ASAP. No wait — better yet, let’s just keep it all to ourselves.

    (whacksmackety, y’all :-)

  6. I have so many coats! Basically because I can’t stand to be cold, so I up the coat from light barn coat, to fleece, to wool pea coat, to parka until I no longer feel like I might die of exposure while walking the dog. I’m also kind of a sweaty girl when exercising so I can’t over-coat – or I have to change clothes.

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