Bread pudding? Yes? Yes.

In 2009, we made bread pudding together. 

 We did it again back in March.

A dear friend of mine mentioned bread pudding yesterday, and: Saturday. Let’s put some time aside on Saturday for bread pudding. I’ll be taking Meredith to see Catching Fire with some friends that morning, and baking in the afternoon. Join me.

This is what I’m thinking about:

1. Christmas cards. (I know. 17 of you are SO ANGRY THAT I MENTIONED CHRISTMAS BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!)

2. The latest Bridget Jones book isn’t sparking me the way I had hoped. It’s a bummer, because the latest Dave Eggers book didn’t spark me, either. I have high hopes for you, Still Life With Woodpecker. Don’t let me down.

3. My immersion blender saved my soup last night. I soaked the beans, I boiled the beans, I put the beans (and potatoes and onions and vegetable broth) in the Crock pot all day, yet they were still too firm at dinner time. Immersion blender. Bang.

4. I ran to Teavana last night while Harp was at Matilda practice. Two pounds of German rock sugar and four ounces of White Ayurvedic Chai. 30% off coupon. It really doesn’t get much better than that. (The 30% Friends and Family sale ends today. If you need tea, get out there!)

5. Freelance deadline. Seven chapters in six days if I don’t want to work over Thanksgiving. Challenge accepted. Reluctantly.

6. Meredith is really getting into the rainbow loom thing. I love when my kids get sparked, even if the spark is fueled by tiny rubber bands.

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7 thoughts on “Bread pudding? Yes? Yes.”

  1. Let me tell you something about tiny rubber bands. You can step on any number of tiny rubber bands in your bare feet in the dark and not even notice.

  2. I have a cuisinart imersion blender that cost me about $30 or so, maybe from Target. I luuuurrrve it too! When I have leftover roasted veggies, I saute some onion and garlic and toss the leftovers in with some broth, simmer it and then blitz it. Smooth and delicious.

  3. My daughter is very impressed with Meredith’s bracelet. Do you have a link to instructions for that one?

  4. I thought I was an advanced rainbow looker and Meredith has definitely outdone me. I still want to try the minion bracelet but also would like the link. Whscksmacketty, I made pumpkin bread pudding yummy!

  5. Things not to get the sister you love if she values the safety of her feet: the Barbie box of every little kitchen and closet accessory known to woman.
    Those little Barbie forks, knives and stilettos are out to kill.
    So, if you have to get something horrific for the child of somone you don’t love, or even like, add this box to the drumkit.

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