Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words, William Faulkner.

This evening after Meredith’s volleyball game, the four of us went out for dinner with my mom and dad to celebrate my dad’s 71st birthday. (Feel free to wish him a happy birthday. 71 is a big thing. 71 means that you pay for dinner and deliver rice krispy treats to the granddaughters, even though it’s your birthday. 71 means that even if you hurt your back earlier in the day, you still venture out to watch a bunch of fifth graders play volleyball. 71 is good.)

Dad & Me

As we were eating our salads, my mom looked at me and said, “You’re showing a lot of Cleveland.”

Me: What?!

Mom: Cleavage!!!

Me: Oh! Yikes!

Mom: Yep. You’ve been showing cleavage all night.

Me: Sorry about that. I haven’t worn this shirt in over a year, but since it’s getting cold outside, this afternoon I decided to pull out my shirt and my boots.

Mom: Boobs?

Me: Yep. Boobs.

Mom: Hey! Yesterday I went to the makeup store, and when I put my stuff on the counter, the girl working the register said, “Nice bras.”

Me: What?!

Mom: Brows. Like, eyebrows.

Earlier this week, I told Meredith to drink water with her soup so she doesn’t get aphrodisiac. (Clearly, I meant Dehydrated.) A few years ago, I spent five minutes telling a story about a woodpecker, and throughout the entire story I referred to that bird as a peckerhead. On accident.

Apparently, my baking skills and sense of humor came from my dad, and my craftiness and inability to speak coherently came from my mom.

I wish this photo was better. My mom and Meredith were totally into the parade.

(Maybe someday I’ll tell you the story about that peckerhead and how he kept me up all night.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words, William Faulkner.”

  1. 71 looks mighty darn good on Grandpa Pudding!

    I just really love both of your parents, Angie. Clearly, they both passed on the “glow” gene to you :-)

  2. I frightened my cat with my laughter at “peckerhead”. My mother and grandmother have the same thing going on – it’s like a mild aphasia. I can see my future, and it is bald – I mean bad – maybe both, actually.

  3. If your talking to your dad tell I said Happy Happy. I’m just a driver and a 7 iron due south of him but I’m not getting out in the cold.
    ps; Lynn and I both have the same communication problem.

  4. Oh, happy birthday to Grandpa Pudding! My husband was born on the very same day. Some kind of nice cosmic connection. This is a day late because I was having a little birthday party here on the 22nd. This 71-year-old spent his birthday lunchtime having an early Thanksgiving at our grandson’s preschool., then simple dinner at home and helping build a castle on the living room floor. Grandfathers are the best.

  5. Can I just love you without it being weird? Also, happy 71! Tell Mom that cleavage is the 40’s. Lol. Enjoy ur parents!

  6. Oh my goodness, you mentioned the woodpecker/peckerhead thing in a post once before and I still remember falling off of my chair laughing then. Read your mention of it again here and could not stop giggling!

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