We’ll go out with a bang some other time.

The girls and I picked up a friend this morning and journeyed out for the Rock-n-Roll Craft Show. If you’re a local, tomorrow is the last day, and I do believe you will love it there.

I try to go to the RRCS every year, and every year I try to find a log pillow crafted by Scissor Scouts in Springfield. I just noticed that they’re on this year’s artist list, but I didn’t see any of their log pillows today. A log pillow WILL be mine someday. This just wasn’t my year. Again.

My score of the day? An ounce of Cup of Love tea from The ReTrailer. (You know I’m a Teavana hound. It’s nice to have a local tea master who isn’t holding hands with Starbucks. PLUS, The ReTrailer has partnered up with Tree House, which is my current favorite place to eat so ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel spin, Kevin Bacon.)

Retrailer Tea

After the show, we hopped over to Panera where Meredith ate a baguette into a mask and then employed three napkins to hold the mouth art bread mask onto her face.
We’re now getting ready to watch the Mizzou game. And when I say “We’re now getting ready to watch the Mizzou game” I mean that I’m about to grab some knitting, the girls are practicing the piano, the dogs are outside, and Jeff is getting ready to watch the Mizzou game. It’s a big game.

Thanks for stopping by this month. I always love hearing from you, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon. In fact, I’ve heard we may get our Christmas tree tomorrow, and I know you’ll need proof of that. Isn’t the Internet fun?

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13 thoughts on “We’ll go out with a bang some other time.”

  1. That bread-mask is phenomenal! I have enjoyed keeping up – though I haven’t been great about commenting, please know that I’ve laughed, contemplated things, and pet my dog along with your posts this month. Thank you for that!

  2. Bread masks are very practical for later snacking.
    Tree adventures! We’ve decided to cut one down this year-unless the temps are too cold next weekend-then we’ll go to the farm stand! Their trees are reliably nice too!

  3. Thanks from me too for another fun-filled month-o’-posts at Fluid Pudding. I have made a mental note to begin Comment Training a bit earlier for NoMoBlahPo 2014. So as not to backslide from my currently accrued level of fitness, perhaps as soon as tomorrow would be a good time to make good on that plan!

    The baguette food mask image *must* be archived for inclusion with her high school graduation retrospective — possibly even for her wedding day montage, it’s *that* good!

    Holiday love from here to you and your sweet family, Angela.

  4. That is a fine bread mask. I’ve so loved your NaBloPoMo. We got our Christmas tree today, and it was a harrowing experience. I hope yours has more Good Tidings.

  5. Yay for rock n roll anything, especially that mask. Looking forward to Christmas trees of others as mine is – prudently – fake.

  6. Thanks so much for brightening my days this November! There are a few bloggers whose updates in my feed bring a big smile, and you are one of them.

  7. If you ever get tired of having Meredith making you laugh, send her my way. She would fit in our family PERFECTLY. (Sorry if that sounds creepy. It truly is not meant to be.) And please do archive that photo for her wedding montage. Her future mate needs to know about it.

    Have a great week!

  8. I love the mask! It looks like something I would have done when I was a kid. Hmmm, think I could still get away with it? My kids would be deliciously embarrassed.

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