Beginning Bedecking

I felt a semi-urgent need to post today, because I just discovered that yesterday’s post was my 666th on this particular platform, and it’s THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! The last thing I need to do is sit around eating Indian nachos and humming The First Noel with a big mark of the beast hanging around on my website. Am I right? (I am.)

We ventured out a few hours back (with our Ventura filter on) and chose our Christmas tree.

Too cool for Christmas.

I would give you all of the details, but I have a problem with the organization from whom we purchased this year’s Scotch pine. They are slowly making strides in the right direction, but still. (Please know that Mitt Romney and I actually agree on this particular issue, so don’t think I’m just sitting around eating Indian nachos and being a big liberal jerk with a spooky mark of the beast hanging around on my website and The First Noel ringing in my head. I’d like to build the world a home and furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves.)

How lovely are thy branches.

This guy sawed the butt off of our tree, and he let Harper keep it. (The butt. Also, the tree.) After counting the rings, we’ve determined that Harper is the same exact age as the tree. With that said, we really don’t know what we’re doing, although Jeff was a Boy Scout. Was. WAS.

The waiting is the hardest part.

The tree is currently hanging out in the corner soaking up some water and letting her branches rest a bit. I’ll be lighting her tomorrow while the kids are at school (My mother taught me to be VERY particular about how to place lights upon (and into) a tree. It’s a job that’s best accomplished with no other humans in the house, as I tend to get pricked and then I tend to swell because I’m allergic to trees and then I tend to say The S Word.).

Mombo Wreath

Speaking of my mother, she made this wreath for us a few years back, and it’s always the first thing we hang when the holiday season rolls around. And to the Earth it gave great light and so it continued both day and night. It’s happening.
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9 thoughts on “Beginning Bedecking”

  1. I need you to dissect the Indian Nachos so I can recreate them please!

    lovely tree. Lovely girls.

  2. The first organization that came to mind was ‘Emily’s List’ – binders full of scotch pines danced in my head.
    I need nog.

  3. I love the wreath your mom made!

    I only have a wee tree for my place, as the cats like to hide under the big ones & I fear it getting knocked over. And since it’s a wee fake tree, it’s white and sparkly. If I’m going fake, it’s gonna look it. :)

  4. Yay ! Beautiful tree! Please take a picture after the lights are on-I am curious about technique as ours is not nearly so precise or demanding. My secret is to hang shiny bulbs on the inside to reflect out.

  5. How could such a cute little tree *possibly* be mean to you?!

    I too am a solo tree-lighter, and the lights absolutely must be placed inside and out with great precision. I’m familiar with that ‘S’ word to which you allude.

    Fortunately, because of then-unsettled circumstances creating uncertainty as to how much time I would have available over the next couple of weeks the day we chopped our tree, for the first time in almost forever, I was willing to opt for “slim and easy” rather than “must be as wide, full and fluffy as possible”. I will “think you with me” during the next couple of hours as I tackle the task. Maybe you will be able to hear me humming :-)

  6. That is one perfect tree! We went artificial back in the day when we spent Every.Frickin.Christmas with the inlaws in Florida. I know, I know, Christmas in Florida, what’s to complain about? Anyway, it seemed safer not to have a real tree ready to burst into flames the minute we locked the door behind us.

  7. I remember having one live tree in the house at Christmas. It was the one and only because that’s when we discovered that I was allergic to them. Like bad allergic with closed nasal passages and hives from just standing near it. So…I’m always jealous of people who get to go out and cut down their own live tree.

    Can’t wait to see the beautiful light placement!

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