Here comes Johnny Yen again.

What they say is true. Dogs and their people really DO start to favor one another.

Do you remember a few years back when I posted that photo and then I said something like, “Ha ha ha! Dogs and their owners really DO start favoring one another!!! HA HA HA!!!” What I didn’t realize is that I was tossing all kinds of foreshadowing your way.

This morning we took Scout back to the vet for her corneal ulcer. (After receiving nearly a foot of snow on Sunday, today was the first day we could leave the house.) Anyway, the ulcer isn’t getting any worse, but it’s also not getting any better. This means the next step was to draw blood, spin it in a centrifuge, and then create a serum out of platelet-rich plasma for us to drop into her eye four times each day.

Poor Scoutie

(She’s a happy girl despite the fact that she has EYE PAIN. With that said, she’s smart enough to know that eye pain equals cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast. Lemons into lemonade and how can you NOT make cheesy eggs for that face and so forth.)

We left the house at 8:45 and returned home at around noon and I won’t even tell you the story about how I should have been happy that the plow came by but it was impossible to be happy because the plow left a 35-foot mountain of snow in front of our driveway and I’m already scared of driving in the snow because of an accident I saw when I was 20 (trailer came unhitched from the car in front of me on an icy bridge and I had to swerve to not be hit by it and it scared the crap out of me (mostly figuratively) and the PTSD is always poking me when I have to deal with snow on the roads) and I tried to “jump” the mountain (I’m exaggerating on the height of the mountain, by the way) and my car got stuck less than two feet up the driveway so I sent Scout and the girls inside and I proceeded to shovel and shovel with snot running out of my face and bad words streaming out of my mouth (F word! S word! Such a classy shoveler!) and shortly after I shoveled myself loose and maneuvered the car into the garage ANOTHER PLOW CAME BY AND LEFT ANOTHER MOUNTAIN and I said I wasn’t going to tell you this story!

Let’s take a break and focus on the breathing.

Okay. So, I came inside and decided to clean the syringe that we’ll be using to extract Scout’s plasma out of the vial to drop into her eyes. (The vet tech showed me how to work the syringe when she applied Scout’s first drop.) Anyway, because I work on medical textbooks in my spare time, I tend to suffer from grandiose delusions when it comes to performing medical tasks. I know the vet tech told me to be careful when removing the needle from the syringe. I know she told me to squeeze the cap to create a suction that will keep the needle protected. I KNOW. I still grabbed the thing completely incorrectly and the cap jerked off and I stuck myself with the needle that was coated in Scout’s plasma.

Yes. That’s what I said. I stuck myself with a dirty needle.

According to the veterinarian, this happens all the time, and I don’t need to be worried unless I start feeling weird.

“Don’t worry unless you start feeling weird.”

And then I suppose it’s time to worry.

Scout and I are blood sisters.

(I just ran outside and sniffed a tree.)

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8 thoughts on “Here comes Johnny Yen again.”

  1. I think you’re good if you just sniffed it. You did just sniff it, right? Didn’t feel a sudden need to lift your leg?

    Oh my. Snow plow bullies!

  2. Really, it was the snow plows that nearly broke me into a million pieces last winter. I feel your pain, except for the needle part. Needles are the reason I veered away from pre-med into research science.

  3. It’s a known fact that the f-word and s-word and any others you utter while shoveling snow actually make you stronger and more efficient, so it’s sort of imperative to say them.

    I could not even consider not making cheesy eggs for that adorable face. No one could.

    Dog plasma. Hmmm. I’m thinking that’s really not so bad. I have personally always said I wish more people were like dogs because then I could like them. So I don’t really see a downside to this whole post.

    You got to the vet and got the dx. and rx. for Scout. You got the driveway shoveled, and I’m quite certain there was great panache in your endeavor where home-made knitted articles were displayed, and got the car in the garage before the second Demon Snowplow came along. You injected dog venom into yourself, which is probably a good thing because you will be even more loyal and adorable and entertaining than previously.

    That doesn’t sound like such a bad day. Does it?

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