Invagination Explanation. Also, feet and apples.

Everything on this week’s calendar would make you yawn: Piano at 6:00. PTO meeting (not going). Check-in at 4:20. NH after 4:30. Note for girls. No school. PAC (can’t go). Kitty litter. Pup treats. Parking. 6:00 Oz?

It looks like Jeff is out of town for a few days, which means I’m not going to cook anything that can’t be flipped directly from the freezer into the oven. Similarly, because a week without the possibility of Jeff coming home is a struggle, I tend to reward myself for every tiny accomplishment. Laundry finished? Pedicure! Sink cleared and cleaned? Molasses puff!

Everyone who knows me on more than one platform knows that I finished my striped scarf. I’m wearing it today for the first time, and it shows off my gullet quite well.


(I just used the internet to see if gullet is gullet or gullett, and one site describes the gullet as an invagination. I’m almost looking forward to the next time I get all red-faced and impossible while choking on popcorn just so I can boast of an invagination abomination.)

Speaking of corn (because we WERE), this morning after the pedicure (I really wasn’t kidding about the pedicure. Also, please know that I’m speaking of edible corn and dear Lord let’s not talk about how some people want to talk about feet and corn in the same sentence. Wait. I’ll be right back. I need to go shake my head and vomit.) the woman who had touched my feet (I know. I don’t want to talk about it.) asked if I wanted a manicure. When I told her that I’ll wait until the spring (this is a common “putting it off” statement for me), she got up, walked over to her station, and started eating corn on the cob. This is not the first time I’ve seen the employees at this particular place snacking on corn on the cob. I can’t even imagine how I would have to reward myself after touching someone’s feet, but I’m assuming it would take a lot more than corn on the cob. (Please know that I’m a good tipper at the nail salon. Please also know that if we had a cleaning lady, I would clean my house before she came over. I do the same dance before a pedicure.) Can we change the subject?

On the day that Jeff left for his business trip, Meredith asked me to wedge an apple for her. When she was full but still had a wedge left, she asked if she should throw it away. I told her to put it in the microwave and I would find it later and eat it like a nice apple surprise. I just now reached into the microwave to warm up some coffee (invagination caffeination!) and I found one of her wedges from this morning. Such a nice apple surprise. Suddenly, I want to pick the girls up from school and take them to Disney World. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Invagination Explanation. Also, feet and apples.”

  1. Inner turmoil. A large part of me is warning myself not to do this, but that part of me is not winning. I must inquire as to the exact nature of a “molasses puff”.

  2. I never want to hear “invagination abomination” again, but I do like the idea of a nice little apple surprise.

  3. Corn?
    What KIND of corn? Mexican street corn? Green Giant Frozen mini corns? (Niblets?)
    The mind boggles.

  4. Definitely going to need the Ravelry link for that scarf. Colorwork…well, it terrifies me. But I would overcome my fears for the chance to make and wear that awesome scarf.

  5. Very pretty scarf and gullet. :) And my mom regularly gave us corn to snack on.(Even after she found out they were a starch). Roasted chesnuts. Also hearts of romaine. She was a health conscience mom.:)

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading with all this school stuff going on but I *adore* that scarf! Too bad I tried to learn to knit this fall and FAILED miserably.

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