9 + 11 = 20. Combined, my daughters are almost old enough to drink.

I just looked into our kitchen trash can and saw a paper towel that had been employed to wipe pizza off of a face before it was crumpled up until it looked EXACTLY like Dwight D. Eisenhower. I thought about taking a photo of it, but that seemed all weird and bloggy which made me think Weird and Bloggy, so I decided to Kum Bah Yah.

Tomorrow morning at approximately 9:20, Harper will be nine years old.

She used to look like this:

No-Kneed Crawling

And now she looks like this:


(We had a little party at Krueger Pottery over the weekend. Such an amazing place. If you’re local? Go there.)

Harper is currently finishing the second Harry Potter book. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite meal is homemade crazy bowls—hamburger, corn, and black beans thrown on top of rice. She is a pianist, she is a writer, she is very good at math, and she is a second place winner at the school’s science fair. She loves Minecraft, and she makes really fun videos of her stuffed animals having adventures. Best of all, she is funny, creative, patient, and kind.

On Tuesday morning at approximately 2:03, Meredith will be eleven years old.

All of her baby photos were lost when our computer crashed in 2004. BUT, here is a glimpse of Meredith during The Early Years.

It's a hard habit to break

And here we are now.


(How funny am I?! That’s NOT REALLY MEREDITH! (It’s Henry.))

Okay. Here we are now.


I know you can’t really see her face in that shot, but look at those spaghetti arms! She’s almost as tall as me and she wears lady shoes! Meredith loves music and she’s really itching to read the Divergent series and if I didn’t put a limit on it, she would spend hours each day texting with her friends. (The Current Rule: 15 minutes per day, and use them wisely. I know.) Meredith is also a great pianist and a talented videographer. She is her school’s spelling bee champion. She’s creative, smart, and WISE, and she’s a very patient friend.

These kids of mine? They are gems. And they’re growing up awfully fast. And so am I. (I found weird new veins on my ankles this evening. It was very distressing. BUT, this is not about me.)


Happy Birthday, Harper Rose. (And Happy Birthday, Harper Lee.)
Happy Birthday, Meredith Claire. (And Happy Birthday, Uma Thurman.)
(I don’t think I’ve ever typed Uma Thurman’s name before. April is a month for trying new things.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “9 + 11 = 20. Combined, my daughters are almost old enough to drink.”

  1. SB loves the Divergent series! Granted, she is a year older than Meredith. I let her start the books at Christmas. I started thinking about the books I read in sixth grade and decided that sixth is a good year to Start Stuff that might make Mom nervous. Because in sixth grade, you still listen to Mom at least a little bit.

  2. My daughter got Divergent in her W
    Easter basket. I was standing in the aisle at Target and debating that or Fault in Our Stars or Code Name Verity or Eleanor and Park.

  3. Ugh. You lost all her baby photos?! That just puts a knot in my tummy. I’m so sorry. How did I not know this?! :-/

  4. “She loves Minecraft, and she makes really fun videos of her stuffed animals having adventures. ”

    I have a matching nine- year-old. They’re pretty fantastic things to have.

  5. I had to come back again because I’ve been thinking about the lady shoes. My 12 year old is wearing lady shoes – and boy, it really makes me feel like she is growing up fast!

  6. Good at math. Second place in the science fair. I think someone needs a chemistry set for their birthday.

    Also, I’m guessing that thing they’re standing around in that picture is some sort of model for satan’s wedding cake (he’s marrying a Kardashian). Odd thing to find in a Missouri suburb.

  7. Happy birthday, pudding girls! Choose those 15 min wisely, indeed. Sage advice for more than texting friends.

  8. Happy birthday to the Pudding sisters!

    Ditto on the weird ankle veins.

    Sir, that’s one of many birthday cakes celebrating the city of St. Louis’s birthday.

  9. The best of sisterhood all rolled into one fantastic celebratory occasion. And the comments here (I also love that you and Jeff procreate during the same week each year.) yet again, totally win the internet.

    I’ve been away for over two weeks. Only blog I plan to catch up with? Yours, it is!

  10. Smart, talented, beautiful and kind. What a pair! Happy birthday to the sisters, and congratulations to their parents for getting to spend your days with them. Good job all around.

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