Twenty days later, and nothing to report.

Well, would you look at that? I just took a three week break from Fluid Pudding without even realizing that I was taking a three week break! And the best news? The world kept spinning for (nearly) everyone.

Actually, I *did* manage to stop by here a few times and I found myself typing sentences about the washer and dryer we purchased a few weeks back and then I looked in the mirror and asked myself who I want to be and if singing songs about a top loader will get me there.

I haven’t slept for more than two hours at a time in over a month and it’s making me cranky and weird, and although All Women Are Beautiful Without Makeup, I’m choosing to use heavy-duty scar-covering spackle to reduce the appearance of the cavernous gray semi-circles under my eyes. Regarding the sleep thing, I’ve tried Melatonin. I’ve tried Magnesium. I’ve tried Xanax. I’ve tried exercise during the day and deep breathing in the evenings. The only thing that works for me is my meditation CD, and it works for only 53 minutes, because it is exactly 53 minutes long. Did I mention that we got a top loader? My jeans smell fresh!!!

Our 13th wedding anniversary sort of came and went because Jeff had to fly to New York on short notice.

I finished a cowl and then finished another cowl.

Sochi Honey Cowl

Bee Mice Elf Honey Cowl

I scored some freelance and will be able to continue scoring freelance because I was hired by the group who provides services to the company for whom I was already providing freelance services. This means: Because I passed the background check, even more people in the world know that I have never been charged with a (serious) crime; and, I will no longer need help with figuring out taxes because everything I owe to this great nation of ours will be removed and distributed for me, Toby Keith.

Twelve days ago, we were able to hang out at a place that looked like this.


Last weekend I watched an amazing musical based on Bonnie and Clyde. I had my hearing checked on Monday. Jeff went to Topeka yesterday. I hit my goal weight at Weight Watchers this morning.

And now you’re all caught up, yet yearning for more… ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Twenty days later, and nothing to report.”

  1. Sounds like a little vacation from entertaining the rest of us did you some good! Happy to hear that your new washer does what you like, that you got to visit such a beautiful spot as in that picture, and those cowls are beautiful, as always.

    About sleep. You need to fix that. Maybe just too many new things piled on the old things just has you temporarily out of kilter. Adjusting to the new house and schools and neighborhood takes more time than you thought. Try to lie down and keep telling yourself you’re finally home. Sweet dreams.

  2. We are always “yearning for more”. Glad to hear all of the updates especially the one about hitting goal at WW. I went yesterday for my monthly Lifetime check-in and the woman actually said, “Wow!” when I stepped on the scale (and not in a good way).

  3. Well, the sleep thing sounds sucky – hope you can work that out soon. Ick.

    Congrats, though, on the laundry and the cowls and the WW goal! Good things are good.

    That’s all I’ve got today. Welcome back, and maybe I should go blow the cobwebs off my own blog… (it’s been a lot more than 20 days)

  4. The sleep thing is probably a premature menopause symptom after your surgery? If that is so, the problem will pass.
    What cowl is that? It’s really attractive.

  5. So sorry about the sleep thing. See if you can get on that. Mary K seems pretty optimistic, but then she’s probably a nice person.

    My premenopausal insomnia has only escalated over the past few months into what today seriously started to feel like the edge of psychosis. My gyno was pretty chill about the whole thing when I saw her a few weeks ago, taking a “test and see” approach. Tomorrow she’s getting a phone call. Since my current moods are limited to basically 3: rage, weepiness, and apathy, we will hope that the phone call coincides with either of the 2 that might convey some sense of urgency. Apparently when I was actually IN her office I was way too chill to be persuasive that THIS IS A PROBLEM.

    I am now understanding some things:
    1) the origin and real significance of the term “hysteria”
    2) the mid-80s when we were all teens and my mother was the age I am now and she was a W-I-T-C-H when she didn’t take her hormones as prescribed. I’ve apologized to her many many times in the past 6 weeks for not getting it.

  6. yes and the more I am specifically yearning for is the pattern for the top cowl because it looks like something i would knit and pet and knit and pet and knit and pet …

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