We don’t even OWN a hibachi.

Me (on the phone with my mother): I am pleased to report that Dr. H had a cancellation and will be able to see me tomorrow morning at 9:00.

Mom: Why are you going to the doctor?

Me: The no sleep thing is driving me crazy, and something needs to be done.

Mom: This is the first I’ve heard of your nosebleeds!

Me: I’m not having nosebleeds!

Mom: Then why are you going to the doctor?

On a related note, I had a hearing test on Monday because I’m a little off and I feel like I’m either losing my hearing or everyone is starting to mumble around me. Please know that my eye doctor once told me that a normal person with my vision would not require glasses, but some people are especially sensitive to slight changes and glasses seem to help, regardless of how weak the prescription is.

Audiologist: I would give you an A+ on your hearing, but maybe you’re one of those sensitive people who are really thrown off by tiny changes.

(He then said something about ear wax, and I asked him to stop talking because: Ear Wax.)

Teavana’s “Spice of Life” tea is one of my very favorite things right now and I’ll certainly give NaBloPoMo a shot, but be aware that the entire month will find me wearing my Reticence is Forgiven shirt. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “We don’t even OWN a hibachi.”

  1. NaBloPoMo!! I always forget about that, but at least this time I was reminded before it started. A picture counts as a post, right?

  2. I’m deaf in my left ear. When I got my hearing aid, I was aghast at how loud crickets, keys, water, and the entire world was. I can’t stand to wear it because the world is too loud. If you happen to be standing to the left of me and I’m just nodding and mirroring your facial expressions… it’s because I have no idea what you’re saying.

  3. RE: Hearing
    Maybe you, like me, find what people say to be less and less interesting each year and are now inadvertently ignoring the dull.

    RE: NaNoWriMo
    I’m doing it!! I don’t know what I want to say, however.

  4. I am so glad you are getting to the Dr. sooner rather than later. I guess you are unique like me.

  5. Have you considered that perhaps you are one of those sensitive people who are thrown off by tiny changes? Just in case you are one of those people, I’ll go ahead and plan to NaBloPoMo, too, so as not to upset the internet’s qi.

  6. Congrats on teaching goal! My big sis finally got much needed hearing aids. She said the biggest surprise was that they play music at her bank.
    Who knew?

  7. I used to complain that my kids mumbled when they were teenagers, so they shamed me into having a hearing test. A+, just like you. But I have always had trouble picking out people’s words when there is any kind of background noise. You and I should start a club: Our Hearing Is Just Fine, Thank You, Please Do Not Mumble And Turn Off The Damned Music.

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