I took the creamer from the shelf and didn’t have to punch anyone.

Do I go out for Black Friday? I do.

Am I one of those people who are out at two in the morning grabbing VCRs out of other people’s carts? I am not. (I honestly don’t think those people exist, but it’s fun to pretend that they do and then get angry about them! Those damn people and their stinking VCR fights!)

This morning I picked Tempe up at 7:00 and we did what we always do on the day after Thanksgiving—we grab a coffee and find a place to watch people. If, by chance, we see something that strikes us as a good idea, we grab it. (You can never have too many blood pillows!) ((I will never explain the previous sentence to you!)) Today we closed down the adventure with a sushi lunch because avocado rolls are nothing but good.

I did find a few things for myself.


My feet currently look like they’re sticking out of elephant trunks, and I couldn’t be cozier.


New purple cow to add to my cows! (The colors in this photo are clearly not accurate, and I’m finding that I sort of like the inaccurate cow.) I don’t really collect anything (other than GRUDGES), but now that I have three cow creamers, I guess I’m on my way. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “I took the creamer from the shelf and didn’t have to punch anyone.”

  1. A cow creamer collection. How alliterative!

    Our family tradition is to rally whatever troops are in town and head for the hills (far far from the malls) to chop down our Christmas tree. Brownies, beer (for those who choose) and bacon are often involved. This year found me unexpectedly wallowing in grateful tears and nostalgia while I watching our son (my very own long-ago baby) backpacking our 3-year-old Grandsweetie through the trees at the exact same tree farm where I carried HIM in a backpack more than 35 years ago.

    Time. It has a way of passing swiftly, oh yes it does!

    (That said, this NoMoBlahPo thing has certainly made for a lonnnng month!)

    ((Counting down right along with you, my friend!))

  2. I had to comment because I always think of my honeymoon when I see cow creamers (we had them on the table at breakfast each morning). At some point though, you commented on one of my Pinterest pins about them, citing your ‘collection’ and now when I see these I think of my honeymoon AND your blog. Life is funny and awesome. :) Also, did you get that at Kohls? I saw a ton of different colored ones there a while back!

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