It’s drizzling outside, so we’ll go without spaghetti squash for another day.

When I was in the third grade, my Sunday school teacher told me to not get too close to people who didn’t practice our religion, because I wouldn’t see them in Heaven. I had many friends who were Catholic, and as a nine year old, I felt so bummed for them.

When I first started hanging out on the internet nearly two decades ago, I became obsessed with the journals written by people who were planning to amputate an arm or leg. I had no idea that amputation planning journals were a thing and I loved following along as these people I had never met were researching and planning ways to cut off their own limbs. (I know!)

Did you know that there is more than one artist collective made up of women who create paintings using their monthly blood?

Sometimes I get really bummed that I’m 45 years old and I still have so many books to read and so many people to hear about and see!

I once knew a guy who stuttered only when he wasn’t high. I knew another guy who would attend parties as The People’s Poet, meaning he carried little pieces of paper around and delivered on-the-spot poems to anyone who inspired him. A friend once wrote my name on Jim Morrison’s grave when he left college for a semester to see Père Lachaise.

I once took a Wicca class with my best friend where we vocalized our energies and then ate mint chocolate chip ice cream served to us by a woman with a Vulcan haircut. I once acted as a bodyguard for that same friend as she ambled around in a big tiger suit during a fraternity street party.

People. So many wonderful weirdos and reluctant wizards and I hate how often I don’t leave the house.

We all need to create more good adventures. It’s June 1. Let’s get on it. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

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  1. This made me smile! Thank you, had a rough night not able to fall asleep until after 4 am. Did you know the early Today show is on at 4 am? I have spent the morning watching the birds in the feeder and the one stupid squirrel who jumped from the roof onto the suspended bird feeder that we thought was squirel proof.

  2. I’m spending my evening delivering/retrieving Girl Scouts to/from a Hogwarts-themed ‘day camp’…the leaders hosting it (in it’s 5th year) are some of the most wonderfully weird peeps I’ve ever seen. It’s truly magical.

  3. At the risk of offending a whole bunch o’ folks … I immediately thought of this joke when I read the first paragraph:

    A man went to heaven and was being shown around by St. Peter. As they went from cloud to cloud, they came upon various doors which
    St. Peter would open.
    The first door opened onto a room full of people rolling on the floor and talking in tongues. “Our Pentecostals,” he explained.
    Next was a room where a serious ritual was taking place. “Residents of the Jewish persuasion” he said.
    Another room, this one with a large bar and a boisterous crowd — “The Catholics.”
    At the next cloud, however, St. Peter didn’t open the door, but instead, put his forefinger to his lips in the “hush” gesture and tip-toed
    past. Once past, the man asked, “Who was in there?!”
    “Oh, those are the Baptists,” St. Peter told him. “They think they are the only ones here.”


  4. I was told the same thing in Sunday school when I was a kid. My friend Tiffany is currently obsessed with YouTube videos of people making sounds by crinkling paper, or candy wrappers or just tapping their nails on a hard surface.

  5. Sistah! Although I am not as intrepid as you, I truly enjoy the weirdos and wackos that occupy their place in the whole scheme of things. (Probably explains why I married my husband.)

  6. I love people. I’m a pretty vanilla-variety myself, but like all other things vanilla – although perfectly fine as I am – I seem to attract others that enhance me. (think of my friends as the add-in bar at your favorite frozen yogurt place).

    HOWEVER. That’s one of the worst things that I’ve ever heard said to a child.
    Shame on her.

    And, I’ll pass on the monthly paintings. I have dogs.

  7. A totally random story my mom told me today..a rogue raccoon was ripping down the jelly bird feeder for her precious orioles so she set a live trap. Caught the thief but when my dad went to get it to take and release elsewhere, it acted cray cray cray, hissing and spitting and acting abnormal for its species. They surmised it may be rabid so dad went and got the .22. In an attempt to be humane and finish with one shot, he put the barrel close to the cage. And. Mr Raccoon reached out and put. his .lil .paw. on .the. barrel. In my head he was pleading for mercy. He didn’t get it. That story bummed me out.
    So thanks for the smile of thinking about some totally rad folks I’ve encountered in my 45 yrs

  8. Growing up Catholic, I was similarly bummed (and outraged) about the same thing. What a terrible thing to teach anyone at any time. “Don’t get close to them?” Right, I’ll be a Pharisee instead. I’m so looking forward to seeing freaks of all persuasions on the other side if there is in fact another side, and if there’s not, I will enjoy them in the here and now as suggested!!

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