In which I try on a few hats…

I am a blogger without a medical degree, but with OPINIONS on medical topics.
Instead of throwing a bunch of pills at your headache, you need to go get a massage or two. Ask the massage therapist to concentrate on your shoulders, neck, and face. Bonus: If there’s a service dog in the room, you get the added benefit of hearing a dog snore during your massage, and I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing more relaxing. Massage is NOT an indulgence, and should be completely covered by insurance. (It’s not covered by my insurance.) I’ve now gone to the massage place twice in the past three weeks, and my head is improving and that’s nothing but good, mainly because I’m not swallowing a bunch of pills that I don’t understand.

I am a fashion blogger. And also, a makeup blogger.
I bought this shirt last week and I love it because it carries all of my hobbies. (Please know that the paintbrush represents the makeup brush I bought a few weeks back to aid in the illusion of eyebrows, as I’ve reached the magical age when eyebrows start to fade away like powdered sugar in a windstorm or Kristy McNichol in my lifetime. (Where IS she? I LOVED her!)) ((Please also know that I don’t consider makeup a hobby, because if you saw my face you would know…))

I am a health blogger.
Back in May I knocked all processed foods out of my diet, and I decided that bread and I were no longer friends. (Warm bread gives me a headache, and regular bread messes with my stomach.) I don’t exercise beyond walking with a Fitbit on my left wrist, yet thirteen pounds are gone. And here’s the thing: I’m not eating like a jerk, and I still eat doughnuts every once in awhile because I love them. This is not a diet. This is simply no bread (except for doughnuts and the occasional tortilla because doughnuts and burritos are important to me) and nothing from a bag or can with ingredients that are hard to pronounce. Shoot a message my way if you want to talk to the woman who has supported me through this. (Actually, many women have supported me through this, but only one of them actually calls every two weeks to check in and give me Wisdom.)

I am a political blogger.
Hey, did you see that Republican presidential debate? Whoa, Nelly!

I am a DIY blogger.
We’ve been in the house for nearly a year, and the only thing hanging on our walls is a weird painting of a tree that I did last year. (Wait! Maybe the paintbrush on my shirt really CAN represent an actual paintbrush!) COMING SOON! DIY STUFF THAT SMELLS A LOT LIKE SOMETHING YOU WOULD FIND ON PINTEREST! PROBABLY WITH MASON JARS AND TWINE!

I am a food blogger.
You guys. I picked green beans with some friends a few weeks back, and then we boiled and blanched and froze them and a few nights back I cooked them. We also pickled some green beans because we are hard core and I’m a food blogger! For breakfast this morning, I had a banana dipped in almond butter!


I am a music blogger and a master at not-so-vague life references.
This song has been in my head today for reasons that are no one’s business. “A heart that’s full up like a landfill. A job that slowly kills you…” (You have no idea how smelly and appropriate that landfill reference is, but you do know that the author of this blog is completely responsible for the opinions found within this blog and that these opinions don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else. Also, I know it’s a Radiohead song, but when it plays in my head, it smells more like Regina Spektor.) Anyway, if we had a family crest, this song would play when I press the little red button that is positioned between the cat and the word Guacamole.

I’m a knitting/spinning blogger.
This is on my wheel right now.

Also, this arrived in the mail today.

It will become one of these, and is the same exact yarn I used to finish this today.

I am a vlogger.
No, I’m not. Have I thanked you lately for hanging out with me? Dear Lord, I’ve thought about quitting this blog thing so many times over the past few years, but honestly? It’s one of my favorite things, and why would you never watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers again if you really really loved it? Why would you deny yourself a burrito?

School starts on Tuesday, and all I want right now is three more weeks of summer and a long drive to anywhere. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

18 thoughts on “In which I try on a few hats…”

  1. How, and why is it even possible for school to start so soon all over the place all of a sudden? Am I *that* old? <–(rhetorical question — please, no one feel compelled to answer) <–(except maybe Grammy :-) ) Isn't school supposed to start up again in September? Isn't summer supposed to be, like, half of June and all of July and August? Did teachers somehow get pay raises when my back was turned and summer got shortened? (Ididn'tthinkso!!)

    Also, judging from the above, you are well and truly the Michelanglo of bloggers; a veritable Renaissance woman. That t-shirt suits you well :-)

  2. I totally agree about the massages – I have a membership to one of those chain massage places, and it’s seriously improved my anxiety and stress levels.

    1.5 weeks until school starts here. Boo.

  3. Years ago I had daily headaches. Problem was in my upper back and shoulder. I couldn’t even turn my head without turning my body. The only thing that helped was massage and chiropratic adjustments. I now only have problems when under a lot of stress. (Seems to manifest in the weakest spot.) Still try to go for the occasional massage and sometimes an adjustment but not as often as I used to. Hope the massage continues to help you!

  4. Can you please share the info on the woman who has transformed you into a health blogger :) thank you

  5. “Why would you deny yourself a burrito?” I think you need to cross-stitch THAT on a pillow, lady. I kind of want it on my business cards, actually.

  6. Hee hee, of course weapons of mass creation includes knitting needles. Lloie is beautiful.

    Thank you for all the things you share. I wish I could remember who sent me a link to your blog and give them credit. Was it a mom blog? a knit blog? uhh . . .

    I hear you about the bread. I had to give up most commercial baked goods years ago because they often contain calcium sulfate or aluminum sulfate, and any kind of sulfate or sulfite gives me migraine. I find that eating a lot of yeast is not good for my nervous and digestive systems. I like the sprouted flourless whole wheat berry bread from Trader Joe’s though.

  7. I thought of you when I walked past a fancy yarn store in Portland. Thank god it wasn’t open. I’m still working on Michael’s scarf that I started three years ago.

  8. What Carroll said, except that I would call you the DaVinci of bloggers because of the diversity in your talents.

    Also for Carroll: yes, you are that old. When we were kids and our kids were kids school ended the middle of June and began again the middle of September. Now my grandson begins school again this Thursday. It messes up my whole train of thought because where the hell did summer go?

    As for you, Angela, I’m so pleased that the headaches are diminished and the eating and health is getting good but now I just went over to Ravelry and purchased three new sweater patterns and it’s your fault. Because I never heard of Ravelry till you linked to something there. Now I’ve spent entirely too much time hanging out at that particular haunt.

    Keep it up, Kid. Your new-spun yarn is gorgeous, your children are bright and funny, and you are fun to be around for a whole lot of reasons. I thank you, especially, for the political blogging — just the right amount, even though we happen to be on all the same pages of politics.

  9. The main squeeze keeps yelling at me to start blogging again, specifically on the DIY front, since I keep transforming the house and she keeps taking pictures of the process. Her yelling is moving toward the ‘throw him down the stairs to get his attention’ level, which is only one step removed from the ‘rubber hoses leave no marks’ phase.

  10. Hey yo. I hadn’t checked in for awhile and when I finally did I read about your magical DHE infusion cocktail. I’ve been trying to find information about it (specifically “Can I make the 30 min drive home after that?”) and wondered if it zonked you out at all? I’m thinking that if I can make it there with a horrific migraine then I could probably make it home with a supposedly non-sedating medley of drugs. What say ye, Ms. Pudding?

  11. Shoot! I was really excited when I saw the word “vlogger.” I thought we were going to get a video. But, you are a vlogger, I’ve seen your Christmas piano solo movies.
    I’m so glad you keep this going. Wishing you all the best with (really against) the headaches and the pounds off.

  12. Funny…I was just thinking about that movie this morning and also thinking that it was strange that it even popped into my head.

  13. Ok I think I may have your back (literally). Go to a chiropractor . Not for his services but for the massage services which ARE usually covered by insurance. That’s the gig around these parts , pay an initial exam fee ~ $80 X-rays etc.. Then you can pay a $20 co-pay for an hour massage 1x/week. Or whatever frequency , I haven’t done this but thought hard about it. So bone popping isn’t the gig but letting them know you’re into the massage may be the ticket. Check your locals.

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