Tomorrow is a long time away.

After sleeping for five amazing hours with no interruptions last night, I got up at 6:30 and read another chapter in the John Irving book. (So far? Loving it.) I then showered (because it’s important), ate a baked sweet potato (because it’s delicious), and crated the pups so the four of us could join my mom for her annual Christmas ornament expedition. (Also, I needed a balsam & cedar scented candle. I needed it. Like air, self-actualization, love, Beethoven sonatas that become Billy Joel songs, food, et cetera, Maslow.) We eventually ended up at an outlet mall shopping for Twenty One Pilots shirts and Goofy pillows and tea that doesn’t exist at that particular outlet mall. (I get confused when the number of outlet malls is greater than one.)

Back to the house for more reading and sitting around and then dinner came and went and at 7:30 this evening we decided to head to the new grocery store for lemongrass soap and hippie soda and bananas and bubble bath.

On the way home, we noticed specks of fire in the sky. We followed the trail and pulled over just in time to watch over 100 burning lanterns floating above our heads. It was perfect, and I’m now sitting at the computer drinking chamomile tea sweetened with honey from my cousins’ back yard hives, and the perfect just keeps getting perfecter.

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  1. I’m an old lady and have never got to see burning lanterns floating overhead. What a treat! Please, though, what is “hippie soda”? I’m asking for a friend…

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