Still learning lessons.

This morning I woke up with the deepest cheek pillow wrinkle you’ve ever seen, and I know I don’t drink enough water so I take full responsibility for the depth of the wrinkle. (It’s hard to blame a pillow wrinkle on someone else.)

I decided to head to the grocery store after Harper got on the bus, so my plan was to do whatever sort of dance it took to keep the right side of my face (the pillow wrinkle side) out of sight. (Life is full of exciting challenges.)

Because I banked a few reward coffees at Starbucks, I decided to cash one in before going to the store. (I have much more patience when it comes to scoping out unsweetened coconut and Medjool dates if I have a latte in my hand. (I’m slowly becoming the person I hoped I would never become. Please know that I’m wearing my running costume today, too. I ran once in the past year, and that’s because a snake crossed my path.))

Anyway, while in line at Starbucks, I tried my best to position the right side of my pillow-scarred face away from the other customers. Everything was going well until the guy behind me dropped his wallet, and his credit cards (along with a strange cup he brought with him) went flying. I rolled my eyes (I can’t control them sometimes) and then turned around to help him out.

As he thanked me, I noticed that HE DIDN’T HAVE HANDS.
And THAT’S when I started feeling like a jerk about my lame pillow wrinkle dance.

I found my coconut and dates, and I’ll be making pumpkin energy balls later this afternoon.
Also, I’m drinking lots of fluids and am thinking about having the word Perspective tattooed onto the back of my hand. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Still learning lessons.”

  1. Good instincts to get over yourself and turn to help. Imagine your chagrin had you prioritized camouflaging that pillow wrinkle, and only realized his hand-challenged condition when you turned to leave?

    (Next up? Googling pumpkin energy ball recipes!)

  2. I’ve never wanted a tattoo because I’ve never thought of anything I’d want permanently inscribed, but that seems like a really good one.

  3. I truly do not know what to say.

    However, I do have a new respect for Starbucks because I now know that they will allow special cups for folks that need them.

    Peachy’s maternal grandmother (and mine!) used to use a satin pillowcase to ward off pesky wrinkles and bed head.

  4. Try wearing a CPAP mask all night and having to go to work with inch deep craters on both cheeks that take a minimum of two hours to plump out. But still not even close to no hand man.

  5. Perspective…something we could all use a dose of from time to time. Thanks for that.

    As I sit here typing with a serious case of bed head I’m seriously considering that satin pillow case.

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