NaBloPoMo is almost over!

Henry received a lavender bath last night and as a result, he now calms and freshens every room he enters. (I once attended an online essential oil party during which someone mentioned that lavender oil can help cure cancer. I immediately grabbed my virtual coat off of the virtual bed and left the party because I’ve known entirely too many people who have gone through chemo and radiation because of cancer, and here I sit with a ten dollar bottle of lavender oil that COULD HAVE FIXED EVERYTHING?! Hhhhhhhh. Just stop it.)


I was playing with my flex pen a few minutes ago and it exploded and I got ink all over my hands but instead of freaking out, I wrote down the best sentence I’ve read in the past week.


Sadly, after writing the sentence down, I realized that it should begin with “He’s dead NOW…” but you get the idea. I have so many sentences underlined in books and jotted down on paper and I think my next creative project will be to write my favorite sentences on 3×5 cards and frame them. (Marie-Helene Bertino is very quotable. Another one of my favorites is “Just because your mother is dead doesn’t give you the right to suck.”)

I hope your Friday evening is a good one. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo is almost over!”

  1. “NaBloPoMo is almost over!” she says, a mere 2/3 of the way through a perfectly good run. Light at the end of the tunnel for you, maybe — but still ten more good reading days for the rest of us to look forward to, Missy!

  2. I’ve had the most hectic couple of weeks, so no time to leisurely look over what’s going on outside my chaotic household. Except at least every few days I check in here to see what you’ve said, and I give thanks from the bottom of my heart for it being NaBloPoMo so I get to depend on you having said something wonderful to break up my day. Houseguests, holidays, birthdays, and the grandson out of school all at the same time. I’m old and tired and the world is troubling. So dropping in here helps.

    No pressure, right? Just know that some of us carve out a few minutes to come over and see you even if we don’t have time to join in. I’ve never wanted a tattoo, ever, but your idea is a pretty good one.

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