Mizzou has to win tonight’s game.

This evening at 5:45, we dropped Harper off at one of those bouncy places for a birthday party. From there, Jeff, Meredith, and I went out for dinner and to Barnes & Noble for their Vinyl Day celebration. (Meredith’s into vinyl these days.)

At 7:45, we picked Harper up and it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet stopped by Fluid Pudding.

That’s when I took this photo. (I was sitting in the dark car while Jeff went inside for Harp. I had gone inside the party location for the 5:45 drop off, and all of the moms and kids and rubber and pizza smells made me want to sit in the corner and eat my own hair. I couldn’t handle going back in for the chaos of finding coats and shoes. Plus, Meredith told me that she thinks people might not like me when I’m wearing my Bernie for President shirt, and I was wearing my Bernie for President shirt.)


In about ten minutes I’ll be kicking off a 4,000 step walk to keep my Fitbit happy and then I’ll be reading because my list of books to read is growing entirely too long and I’m just not reading enough these days.

Tomorrow? A morning movie, an afternoon pizza, and an evening of cleaning bathrooms. (After the bathrooms are clean, no one can use them until Thursday. I’m hosting Thanksgiving, and I’m not screwing around over here, people.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “Mizzou has to win tonight’s game.”

  1. We are also hosting Thanksgiving, and after a marathon cleaning session today, no child is allowed to use the hall bathroom until after Thursday. Thank goodness it isn’t just us :)

  2. Yet sadly, so sadly, the game did not go your way :-(

    Suggestion for the bathroom thing: When we hosted a *huge* pre-wedding event here for the enormous number of out-of-town guests of the soon-to-be-family of our younger son, several of the bridal party people were schedule to bunk with us for a couple of days beforehand. I posted signs in the bathrooms along the lines of “Listen up you kids. These bathrooms have been cleaned within an inch of their life for this occasion, and I expect them to stay that way. You spit? You splash? You take these q-tips and swab away the evidence, y’hear? Just pretend you are on an airplane, and mop up nicely before the next customer…and know that on the day of the party if I have any more cleaning to do in here it will be done with *your* **toothbrushes**!!” To this day, the Best Man still attributes his excellent bathroom habits to that entirely serious threat. he knew me well :-)

    Very sorry about the game.

  3. I’m hosting Thanksgiving, and I’ve had houseguests all week, and yesterday one of the toilets sprung a leak around the bottom — the beeswax seal had worn out. That’s what the plumber said. They wear out. I’m going grocery shopping. I can’t deal with another “glitch”.

  4. I would like you in your Bernie for President shirt. I had an Elizabeth Warren shirt, but when she laid down the law that she was NOT going to run for POTUS, I used my puff paints to turn it into a Bernie for President shirt.

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