I had a salad.

This morning we saw the second part of Mockingjay and then we were supposed to meet Jeff for pizza, but the pizza place didn’t open until 4:00 and no one was hungry anyway so I got cranky and sent the three of them home and then I went to the pet store for dog snacks and while I was there the veterinarian fainted and an ambulance came and because of the chaos, the guy at the register gave me 20% off of my dog treats.

Also, I watched a tiny puppy trying on a parka and all of my crankiness went away.

This afternoon we put together a huge clothing donation for a truck that will be at the house at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

This evening we went to the pizza place that didn’t open until 4:00.

I had a salad. (I mostly ignored the clumps of cheese, but went to town on the pine nuts. Pine Nut Town. It’s a town with zero age-related macular degeneration. High energy. Low heart disease.)

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2 thoughts on “I had a salad.”

  1. You ignored the cheese? Usually when I have a salad I CONCENTRATE on the cheese. I think we’d be good salad-sharers. ;)

  2. How did I miss the veterinarian fainting last week??! In my mind this post must have melded into the one where you got grumpy at church and walked out on your family in favor of a latte. It’s been an eventful month!

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