The Day Before

The pies are out of the oven.


My mom and the girls are currently decorating the table.


I found my tiny bundt thinger dinger for mini pumpkin cakes.


There’s not much else to report for today. I’m currently freezing pre-cut lemon cranberry scones, and the plan is to bake them for breakfast in the morning. I scheduled my mammogram for January. I’m feeling thankful, but this year it’s with a bit of a raised eyebrow and a candle lit for everyone who is missing someone at their table. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “The Day Before”

  1. I have never even seen a tiny bundt Thinger Dinger like that. Never even so much as considered wanting one, but now I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I NEED one! Amazon thanks you, Angela.

    I’m with you on the holiday thanks thing too. Most of all this year I am thankful for the long-ago courage shown by our daughter-in-law’s brave parents, without which our precious little grandsweeties would not be at our currently-very-blessed table for feasting.

    All love to you and yours, and every good hope for those less fortunate than we.

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