A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika, Ms. Parker.


Salad and spoonfuls (I prefer spoonsful, but the world has passed me by) of green bean casserole, corn bread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and Brussels sprouts, all eaten before I noticed that a bit of the red leaf lettuce wasn’t actually lettuce, but a woman smoking a long cigarette in a turban.


(I think it’s Dorothy Parker. I’ve always wanted to have lunch with her.)

If you celebrated Thanksgiving today, I hope it was a nice one. If you didn’t, I hope your Thursday was particularly good.

Harper spent the morning creating personalized turkeys to represent each of our guests. Mine has knitting needles coming out of her head.

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3 thoughts on “A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika, Ms. Parker.”

  1. I am so happy that Dorothy Parker dined with you. (And I hope she was pleasant. Her reputation for, er, um, interesting comments was remarkable.)

  2. So, Jeff is apparently the last of a dying breed — the rare, but wonderful, Unicorn Turkey!

    And was Harper so generous as to designate her sister as the “Top Turkey”, or is there something more sinister going on related to Grandma apparently sitting on top of her?

  3. Wonderful chorus line of turkeys Harper turned out! And you are so lucky to have had Dorothy Parker at your table. She’s such fun to talk to.

    My Thanksgiving was especially lovely — everyone behaved and there was much laughter and the six-year-old, reciting his thanks for something about each of us said, “I’m thankful that Grammy tries to focus.” I’m not entirely sure what he was talking about, but it kept me laughing all day.

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