Their full names are Graham Cracker and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Yesterday morning I went to the grocery store to load up on sweet potatoes and lunch supplies. (You needed to know.) Afterwards, I went to a different grocery store because Meredith prefers pear sauce to apple sauce and not all of the stores carry pear sauce. (The story just keeps getting better.) After that, I went to the pet store because our dogs have blasted through yet another 33 pound bag of food. (Because dogs eat.)

When I walk through the pet store, I always stop and talk to the adoptable cats for a few minutes because I like to whisper hopeful messages to living things who spend time in tiny cages. (I suppose that’s not exactly true. I’ve never visited a prison. With that said, I would like to put out some hopeful messages to Adnan Syed, but that’s a whole other bag of different colored horseworms.)

All four slots were filled with cats, and it broke my heart, as my heart is easily broken.

Me (to Toby): You’ve been here way too long. I just know you’re going to find a home soon. You’re so smart!

Me (to Gingersnap): You have an odd name for a boy cat, but the fact that I’m saying that says more about ME than it does about you! I hope you’re able to wake up in a house on Christmas morning. You’re so sweet!

Me (to Graham and Chip): Hey. Whoa. This might sound weird, but I think you are meant to be my sons.


I put my hand close to their window and BOTH CATS REACHED THROUGH THE HOLES TO TOUCH ME.

I immediately texted my patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not proud, et cetera husband.



Yesterday afternoon I called the rescue agency and left a message to ask if Chip and Graham are cool with dogs.

At 8:30 last night as we drove home from the band concert, Meredith announced that she was craving a baguette from Panera. As we made our way into the Panera lot, I picked up a message from the woman at the rescue agency telling me that she was at the pet store and that I could call her back.

The pet store shares a parking lot with Panera, and some things are just meant to be.

We went to the pet store. We met the woman from the rescue agency and told her all about Sidney and Ramona and how we think they were poisoned by the formaldehyde in our new carpeting. We told her that Ramona had died a year ago, so we were starting to have the conversation about adopting another cat. We told her that we would keep Chip and Graham together. She opened the door to their cage so we could interact with them. Meredith fell in love with Graham. Harper fell in love with Chip. (We found out that Toby was adopted yesterday!)

This is what I know: Chip and Graham were living in a house with a number of other cats when the owner died unexpectedly. The cats were all taken to the pound. Chip and Graham were selected to spend a semester in a vet tech school, where they did very well.

In other words, Chip and Graham are homeless kids who persevered and went on to college.

This morning I filled out the forms so that we can foster them before finalizing an adoption, and I’m going to pitch this entire story to the Hallmark Channel because they haven’t released anything decent since A Cookie Cutter Christmas. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

25 thoughts on “Their full names are Graham Cracker and Chocolate Chip Cookie.”

  1. They are gorgeous. I look forward to the many photos you inevitably will post of them in which I’ll be completely unable to tell them apart. (But I won’t care, because GOSH, those handsome faces!)

  2. I know exactly which grocery and pet stores you are talking about and I smile because I too love on the cats there. I am very happy your new cats found you! Also, I confirmed my lunch times and we can totally meet at the gyro joint some time on my break. Good tidings all around :)

  3. Cats!
    And I am all for the trainwreckedness of Hallmark’s “A Princess for Christmas” because it’s like watching Jamie Fraser go badly blondly blandly posh.

  4. As a board member of our local humane society (and who is owned by two cats), I applaud you! Clearly, this was meant to be.

  5. Hurray! Best wishes. Fostering is a very good idea. We recently paid a lot of money to effectively foster a dog we were intending to adopt-but she was utterly terrified in our busy household, and we had to recognize that she could not be a happy dog at our house. We’ll try again in spring-but we will get a lot more info, and be much more measured in our approach (as you are being) next time.

  6. I love that they came home to you for Christmas, and I love foodie cats. One of ours is Nanners (baby talk for bananas, in case you use actual words around your house).

    Looking forward to a very special presentation on Hallmark Channel with limited commercial interruptions.

  7. Just wanted to tell you I am glad you are posting regularly. I thoroughly enjoy reading what you write.

    I am a cat person, but currently only have a dog because I have kids who wanted a dog and a husband with a one animal at a time policy. Give your new kitties a little extra love from me!

  8. What a beautiful Christmas story. Graham Cracker and Chocolate Chip Cookie Pudding. ‘Twas Kismet that Meredith needed a baguette at just that moment.

  9. My nickname in high school was Graham Cracker (my maiden name is Graham).

    And of course you had to bring those kitties home. THEY SELECTED YOU!

  10. I bet if you sweet talked Jeff, he would let you have 50 four legged fur babies running around the house.

  11. Thank you! I’m a volunteer with the Fur Kids organization here in Atlanta, specifically the cats! We had an 11 year-old cat named Britain go to a new home today. We think she’d been “orphaned” when her owner died. My heart broke when I heard that. And then my heart exploded with happiness when she got to permanently leave her cage today to go be the queen she is!

  12. I adopted 2 adult cats at once last year – intended to get just one but went home with two.

    And I luff them so much. They sleep with me and rub all over me.

  13. I got a one-eyed, bunny-furred kitty in a situation similar to that 4 years ago.

    She’s a doll and I love her dearly.

    Before the dogs came along, we had a bush in the backyard that produced a cat a year.

    Peachy said they were beamed down from the mother ship.

    Congratulations on the Pudding Puddies!

  14. This is KILLING ME with the adorableness. What sweet boys. I can’t think of a better holiday present for you and your family.

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