Friday minus Tuesday equals three.

Although I intended to have all of my Christmas stuff taken care of well before the holiday arrived, I’ve once again failed. It’s not a big deal, because Christmas will happen regardless of my (in)ability to hit everything on the list. (I just had a long talk with my mail lady, and she told me that she often asks herself if she’s doing something because it has to be done or if she’s doing it just to get a pat on the back. If it’s a back-patter it can be skipped to give more time to the necessary things. In other words, sometime between now and Thursday, I need to go to the grocery store. Also, sometime between now and tomorrow the mail lady needs to deliver my migraine pills because right now I have only one to get me through the holidays. The End.)


These guys. Dear Lord. They run around and play all night and it’s ridiculous and adorable. Keepers, for sure.



I’ve missed hearing the sound of a cat jumping from the bed to the floor. I haven’t really missed the whole litter box thing, but sometimes I have to do things I’m not really into like chopping a bunch of apples for a weird salad or shaving my knees.

Just in case I’m not back before Christmas, I hope you have a good one and that you’re able to sing or hear Silent Night in German.


Just in case.

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6 thoughts on “Friday minus Tuesday equals three.”

  1. Those cats are very handsome. I will be Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. That (the shopping, not the handsome cats) has dampened my Christmas spirit.

  2. The faces on those cats, my God. So handsome!

    Four years of German (two in high school, two in college) and I can sing the first two lines of “Stille Nacht”. See also: the first two lines of “O Tannenbaum” and the first two lines of “Mine Hut, Der Hat Drei Ecke” which is not a Christmas (WEINACHTEN) song but whatever. I’m also able to find the bathroom and the train station and order a piece of raspberry cake with whipped cream and what more do you really need to know in any given language?

  3. The guys are so handsome!! Glad they are working out, cats are so therapeutic I feel. Ok so this suggestion is going to seem outrageous but I swear it’s the best purchase I ever made… The Litter Robot
    It’s expensive but so well made, saved me hours of litter scooping and has a payment plan!! I got the biggest version with the bubble which I think you would need for bigger cats (over 12#) I thought my fraidy cats would hate it but it didn’t take anything for them to get used to it.
    Merry Christmas Puddings!!

  4. Don’t bother shaving your knees. Really.

    The new members of the Pudding family are beautiful. May they bring a new burst of joy to your household that adds smiles throughout the holidays.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. I just wanted to tell you that I’m still listening to the FP Christmas CD you sent me several years back when you were raising money for BlogHer(I think). I also still hang your tiny knitted sock. I haven’t read your blog in awhile, that will change, but I think of you every year. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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