A sloppy Bakasana is still a Bakasana! Sort of!

In the past six weeks I’ve learned that one of my favorite activities is sitting around and breathing. My grandmother used to (lovingly?) refer to me as her “little lazy shit.” What she didn’t realize was that I was spending my entire childhood preparing for a jump into yoga at age 45.

Because I’ve talked about it enough to make your eyes roll, you know that I started doing daily (mostly gentle) yoga in January and that I love it.

I do quite a bit of this.

And a little bit of this.

I do a LOT of this.

And because I felt a weird burst of confidence and strength, yesterday I did this and I held it for ten seconds or so before a vein burst out of my head.

Dude. I’m not even joking (except about the vein thing).

It definitely needs some work and I’m definitely up for the challenge which means I think I just made a left turn onto Headstand Boulevard (Sirsasana!) and someday soon I will celebrate my accomplishment with a nod to my past. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “A sloppy Bakasana is still a Bakasana! Sort of!”

  1. That’s awesome! I started doing (hot) yoga a year ago and recently did my first headstand. You wouldn’t think it would take a year to work up to something so simple, but at 47 I’m not the most limber thing on the planet.

  2. Will be very interesting to see if/how the headaches respond to all this. Fingers (but not other extremities because, clumsy!) crossed on your head’s behalf :-)

  3. I’m so freaking impressed!!! I’ve been to probably 20-25 first yoga classes, and left all of them about 10 minutes into it out of humiliation at how my body doesn’t work in many ways, but mostly in the my knees don’t bend more than 110 degrees way. I’ve been told by many that positions can be modified, but I have yet to run into an instructor with either the knowledge and/or desire to help modify said positions. I’m in awe of you.

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