This is how I smell.

I purchased this a few days back and I love it because it’s oil in a squirt bottle. (I’ve replaced my nighttime moisturizer with olive oil. I’m going through something over here.)


I got this a few months ago and I love it because I’m at my best when I smell like a lemon.


The girls were off school today and I started a fairly big project. Time away from the computer was spent baking a sweet potato, taking Meredith for a haircut, and purchasing Cocoa Puffs at the store. Cocoa Puffs. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “This is how I smell.”

  1. You wrote about those LoLo bars a long time ago and I think I tracked a source for them someplace in San Francisco. At the time, I was planning to use that as the excuse for a long-overdue visit to a really great friend of mine up there. What ever happened to *those* good intentions, Carroll? Thanks for the reminder. Am recommitting for Lent!

  2. How’s the olive oil night moisturizer thing going? It sounds like a very affordable night-cream….

  3. I am also curious about the olive oil night moisturizing. I know a few people who are using coconut oil, but I have not heard of using olive oil. Do tell!

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