The angel and the dreamer who sometimes plays the fool…

I almost threw this guy away when his final bloom fell into the sink four months ago. Instead, I let him sit neglected in the corner window of the kitchen and I can’t remember the last time I watered him.


He’s back. It’s a miracle.
(And he’s drinking again. Responsibly.)
This morning he put on his Starsky and Hutch t-shirt and sang this song to us.

As a result, everyone in the house is feeling starry-eyed and hopeful and the cats just can’t stop hugging each other.

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6 thoughts on “The angel and the dreamer who sometimes plays the fool…”

  1. Wow, the same thing happened to an orchid I had. I let it sit outside all summer, never watered it and about 4 months later it bloomed. I was so surprised and excited! It bloomed for about 3 months before it gave it up for real.

  2. NEVER give up on an orchid! They need time to rest and recover between bloom cycles. As long as the leaves look healthy and happy, it’s probably saving up strength to send out a new shoot when the time is right. Good for you for giving it time and patience!

  3. Oh – hah – Marianne said it first. I was about to say that my success with orchids has arisen from benign neglect.

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