About the Pudding!

Last week a good friend of mine told me that she had read my About the Pudding page, and was wondering if I ever thought about updating it. I looked it over this morning, and: It is time. Here we go, 2016! (I’m not redoing every item. Just the stuff that no longer applies. Also, 25 at a time sounds about right.)

1. I’ve been pierced nine times—five times in my left ear, twice in my right ear, once in my belly button (also known as Billy Pancake), and once in my left nostril. Currently, the only “active” piercings are one in each ear and the nostril, although all other holes are still holey. (I think. I haven’t hit up Billy P. in about thirteen years.)

2. I was 67 inches tall in college. Two years ago I came in at 65.25 inches. This bothers me more than it should. My posture is ridiculous.

3. I try not to eat sugar, but I absolutely cannot resist a nonfat caramel macchiato with extra caramel. Or a doughnut. (Or a bean burrito.)

4. All of my subscriptions have run out.

5. I drive a light blue Hyundai Sonata named BlueLu.

6. I had my appendix removed during the fifteenth week of my first pregnancy. They tried to remove it using only a local anesthetic, but every time they went to cut I said, “Ouch.” so they put me out.

7. I had MC removed during my forty-first week of pregnancy. She weighed in at ten pounds and one ounce. Two of the other moms in the unit brought their babies in to have them photographed with my monster circus baby. I still don’t know how I feel about that.

8. I had Harper Rose removed during my thirty-ninth week of pregnancy. She was estimated (via ultrasound) to be a ten pound baby, but came out weighing seven pounds and fifteen ounces.

9. Jeff and I were married on October 20, 2001. Although we lived in Nashville, the wedding was in St. Louis. Our photos are terrible, but our music was divine.

10. We’ve had seven pets. Jeff’s cat, Luna, passed away in May of 2008. My cat, Sidney, passed away in July of 2014. Our sweet black cat, Ramona Quimby, passed away in December of 2014. Our current canines are Scout and Henry, and as of December 18, 2015 we adopted two cat brothers—Graham Cracker and Chocolate Chip.

11. I work from home as an editor monkey, and because of that I’m the luckiest person I know.

12. If you meet me when I’m drunk, I’ll tell you that my name is Samantha. With that said, I haven’t had a drink since February of 2014. (Alcohol = Migraine!)

13. Although I normally get squirmy around the number 13, April 13, 2013 was a very lucky day for me.

14. I am hopelessly drawn to creative people with fun hair, bean burritos, and doughnuts. (I realize you can take this sentence many different ways. That’s fine. I’m also hopelessly drawn to wordplay. (But not Coldplay, except for Parachutes.))

15. My worst childhood memory involves vomiting cake doughnuts in Dayton, Ohio. My dad gave me a cherry Lifesaver afterwards to clear my head.

16. I think Carol Channing, Ashley Judd, and Naomi Judd are despicable. I will never join them for lunch, nor will I ever open the door for Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Celine Dion (unless they have doughnuts).

17. I have voted: Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Nader, Kerry, Obama, and Obama. (A few of you are high-fiving me in your head. A few of you will never return to my website after reading this fact.) I’m currently wearing a Bernie shirt, but I’m not being an asshole about it.

18. I feel fairly confident that no one has ever called me an asshole. I could be wrong, but I might just be one of the nicest people you barely know.

19. I have Georgia O’Keefe’s hands tattooed on my left leg and the word Create tattooed onto my left forearm.

20. My first job was at Baskin-Robbins. I was almost fired when I put too many almonds on a fudge round ice cream cake.

21. I went to the University of Missouri on a piano scholarship and I forfeited that scholarship during my freshman year. I changed my major seven times during college and I still don’t feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing, although I do love doing what I do.

22. My bones break when I run, and it took four stress fractures for me to finally give it up.

23. Currently on my refrigerator: school lunch calendar, expired Old Navy coupon, 2015 calendar in the shape of a tooth, Yoga Camp calendar, 2015-2016 calendar of school vacation days, list of people for whom I want to do nice things.

24. I bought a spinning wheel in July of 2011. I need to spin more often than I do because spinning = meditation and meditation = good.

25. My grandpa communicates with me by turning out streetlights as I drive or walk past them. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “About the Pudding!”

  1. Your grandpa and my great aunt must be buddies. Bertie has been turning them off for twenty-five years now. It still makes me smile.

  2. My husband worked the Bernie phone bank on Sunday…while wearing his Bernie shirt.

    I always refer to you, when I speak to my husband about you, as the woman who introduced him to the Mountain Goats.

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m happy I did.

  3. Re: The despicable Judds
    I recall you once saying that someone seemed like a girl that would wear dirty underpants (possibly Brittney Spears?)
    I put Ashley Judd in that category. Wynona has a new bluesy album. It makes me wish I drank scotch.

  4. I ordered an Elizabeth Warren shirt last year. By the time it arrived, she had positively declined to run for president. So I used my puff paints (left over from the early-90s when I decorated a sweatshirt for then-3-yo son) to make it into a Bernie shirt.

    You and I can go to the polls together to make a difference!

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