I’m okay with Weirdo as long as it’s preceded by Compassionate.

This morning I walked the mall with a friend I’ve known for a little more than a year, and I love her because she’s like a walking creative deep thought provoker. For the sake of convenience, I’m going to refer to her as Easy-E—not because she resembles the godfather of gangsta rap, but because her first name starts with an E and I’m always looking for ways to reference N.W.A.

Easy-E: So, I’m reading a book and I’m not even three chapters in and the author has asked “If God were to meet you on your worst day, what are you afraid He might name you?” Also, “If God were to meet you on your best day, what do you hope He would name you?”

Me: On my worst day, I’m afraid He might call me Impatient Doubter. On my best day, I really hope He would just call me Kind and a good representative of Team Christian.

We then talked about how our families would name us if they had to name us today.

Me: I think my parents would name my sister Headstrong Hero. I think they would name me Quirky Weirdo.

We then talked about how our kids would think we would name them today, and because I’m currently on Lexapro I’ve become a bit of an emotionless robot BUT if I wasn’t medicated, this would have been the part of the conversation that brought tears to my eyes.

Me: I hope they wouldn’t choose something like Rackety Annoyance because I’m sure that’s how I make them feel sometimes. I really hope they would say something like Captain Confident Creativepants or  General Genuine Generous. I hope they wouldn’t say Lazy Screen Lover or Damn Picky Eater.

Easy-E: How do you think they would name you?

Me: I would probably be Bipolar Migraine Crank, but I really want to be Reluctantly Brave Animal-Loving Best-Mom-Ever Yoga Hero.

This conversation has been on my mind all afternoon. Just out of curiosity, how would you want to be named today? (And don’t say something like Samantha, because that’s just sort of a given.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

12 thoughts on “I’m okay with Weirdo as long as it’s preceded by Compassionate.”

  1. Scared Fearless. Flawed Quirkmesiter McSarcastistien. Relentlessly Loving.

    I really think they would say “That psycho who yells a lot? We just call her Mama.”

  2. Today I want to be named Do-Er of Things. I am at an Environmental camp with my son, and it was really important to me to give the ropes course a try-and I made it-and I also cross country skied for the second time ever. Tomorrow I hope to climb a rock wall-because I am a doer of things!!

  3. I don’t even understand this post, but I love it. Name you? Describe you? Is this a Church type thing?

  4. Since today’s Bible quote reads “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus,” today I’d want to be named Mrs. Kind McKindypants. Or Compassionate McLoveeveryonester.

  5. My desire: Compassionate Fearless Go-Getter; what my family would prob say: Irritable Loner Awful Cook.

  6. I was totally going to say “Samantha”! Beulah the Brave or maybe Saint Gertrude of the Big Heart. In reality I’m probably a Willow Worrier of ALL the Things.

  7. Dude, I totally wanted to be named Samantha when I was a kid!

    Now, I’d be happy with Funny, Smart Good-Hugger McTriesHerBest.

  8. Thinking hard about this one. My husband Easy-going Optimist. Or Mr. I-Can-Fix-Anything-And-I-Do. I might Extremely Smart and Consciencious Lazybones. Or Ms. Over-Doer and Do-Gooder.

  9. Today I would aim high for “All-Around Wonderful Person” because last night I put on our table what might be the best meal I have prepared in my entire life, for several people who I love and who apparently love me back, by way of thanking them for taking care of things while we were away last month. There was antipasti to start with, eggplant parmesan (rendered into crispy delicious melty cheesy goodness) which I had never made before and which was utterly divine, a very plain, perfectly al-dente pasta with lots of garlicy glory going on, a beautiful and attractively-presented salad, out-of-this-world garlic bread, homemade cannoli which if I die should precede me to heaven as a gift to the angels, almond-brownie biscotti, and 6 (!!!!!!) kinds of gelato! Can you tell that I was attempting to honor my completely non-existent Italian heritage? No modesty from here, folks — it was an entirely splendid feast!

    Riding high today in Cupertino :-)

  10. I’m actually pretty happy with my name, Hope and would like to think that’s me on my best day – optimistic and grateful. However, on my worst day I think it would be Selfish Crybaby – that’s who I was yesterday. Since today’s a new day, I’m working on not being that person now. It’s really hard sometimes.

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