Trees and Snow and Silk and Silver

When I’m not knitting the hat, I’m thinking about knitting the hat.


I’m also thinking about my Republican friends and how I feel like they’re sort of getting screwed. (And rice pudding.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

3 thoughts on “Trees and Snow and Silk and Silver”

  1. I’m good with the rice pudding. Hats, even a nifty one like that, look terrible on me. But I do admire your ability to find compassion for your Republican friends. I have one or two of those as well. We don’t chat often during this phase of political cycles.

  2. Beautiful hat! And you are so right about the Repubs. Let’s hope they do not drag us all down. (I fear that if elected Donald Drumpf would start WWIII in about 20 minutes.)

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