Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen!

This one is about my hair. Buckle up!

The woman who cuts my hair was out of town for a month, so I’ve been sort of lazily growing things out. I suppose one could argue that every single person is constantly growing out their hair because that’s sort of what hair does. Even if you’re sitting in the chair getting your hair cut, it’s still growing out. Isn’t life magical with the breathing and the weird digestive noises and the hair growth?

Anyway, this morning I went in for a shaping which isn’t a haircut although the same tools are used. My neck is now shaved and my ears are now perky (I have no idea what I’m saying) and the hair on top of my head continues to grow. (As it does.) Anyway, I wanted to take a photo for you to document my long hair so I read an article about the most flattering ways to take selfies when you’re haggard, and the experts say that holding the camera as high and far away as you can get from your face is the best way to go.



This might just be the best photo ever taken of me. Henry’s there. Scout’s there if you look closely enough. The wadded up bathroom rug is there. Meredith’s Galaxy Vans are there. Also, my hair is there.

Does it bother you that I’m upside down?

Wait a second.

(It’s funny, because the beard makes me think I just joined The Decemberists.)

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4 thoughts on “Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen!”

  1. You and your wacky renderings, Angela! That one took me completely by surprise and made me snort in a very un-ladylike manner. I had no idea there’s such a category as “shaping” in hair salons these days. It looks great :-)

  2. AHHHH, you made me smile once again. Thank you for that!

    (my secret….I haven’t had my hair cut since October.)

  3. It always makes me smile to read your blog. And I think you were the one that introduced me to the Decembrists awhile back — thanks!

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