You can still trust me.

Do you see that essential oil ad over there—->?

In April of 2014 I ate a doughnut and decided to take my sidebar ads down “for now.” Two years passed and during those years I turned down probably three or four offers to promote products on my website because I don’t want to subtly hint that I support plastic bags or weird makeup that was tested on sweet baby rabbits (or monkeys or dolphins).  ((Or any animal, really.))

Anyway, a few weeks back I had an e-mail conversation with the woman who founded Better Essentials and she is super nice and she actually sent me some oils (I’ll be giving them away here in a few days) and I love them.

When I started this website back in 2001, I was a totally different person than I am now, and I sort of dig the fact that I’ve grown into someone I would have made fun of (behind my own back, obviously) back then. Today I’m a 45-year-old comfortable-clothes-wearing yoga-loving fiber-spinning essential-oil-diffusing cardigan-knitting drama-free clean-eater who used to know all of the rules of hyphenation, but is no longer a total stickler. Anyway: If you like things that smell good, I invite you to check out Better Essentials. If you dive deeper and want to explore oils beyond the good smells, I invite you to check out Better Essentials.

Best of all, please know that *I* asked *them* for the graphic and link on my sidebar. (I still have lingering guilt over the ad thing. I need to get past that, knowing that I’m going to recommend only things that I love.)

Tomorrow you and I are going to make a room freshener out of one of the oils and at the end of the post will be the random giveaway. Consider it payback for the way I’ve been mostly mundane during NaBloPoLenta. Thanks for sticking with me. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “You can still trust me.”

  1. Looking forward to the “how-to” (and hoping that is a correct use of the hyphen!) Most rooms could stand a bit of freshening :-)

  2. I kinda like mundane. It is reassuring and comforting to see inside other people’s lives and to know they are living pretty much like me.

  3. If it’s something you like and will use, you shouldn’t have any guilt about running the ad. It’s not like you’re running a sponsored post by a fast-food company, like many a mommy blog did back in the day…

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