We’re giving away Better Essentials oils!

UPDATE: Names have been drawn and winners have been notified. I’ll announce the names sometime on 3/15!

In December of 2015, Jeff purchased an essential oil diffuser for me and suddenly our entire house was filled with the scents of lemons and oranges and eucalyptus and lavender and peppermint and I think you’re getting the idea. Because I find that certain scents actually improve my mood, I bought a diffuser necklace last year so I can have easy access to calming oils. (I think the world would be a better place if everyone would just sit in a dark room, smell an orange, and listen to Chopin.)

A few weeks back, Jennifer from Better Essentials contacted me and I immediately liked her because she is a yoga instructor, a young mom, and someone who started her own company with the goal of selling the best oils at the best prices. She asked if I was interested in offering a discount on oils at Fluid Pudding. I asked her if we could host a giveaway instead of a discount. She was in.

A few days later, four oils arrived: Lemongrass, Orange, Lavender, and Best Friend Blend. I decided to keep the Best Friend Blend for a demonstration video and give the rest away, and I’m so glad I kept the Best Friend Blend because get this: On Tuesday morning I woke up all lousy with a cold. For grins, I put some of the Best Friend Blend in my diffuser and I rubbed some of it onto the bottom of my feet. My cold was completely gone on Wednesday and I’m not even kidding. (Meredith asked me to not share that story because it makes me sound like “one of those people.” But, listen. If I can shake even 23% of my head colds within a day? I’ll sign on to be one of those people!)

If you don’t have a diffuser and you’re not quite sure how to deal with essential oils, the easiest thing to do is make an air freshener, so that’s what I’ve demonstrated in the video below. AND, before you say it, please know that when I’m nervous my declaratives sound like interrogatives. Also, my glasses need to be adjusted so I tend to do a nose dance to straighten them out. My white balance is off. I say “Anyway” a lot. Aren’t you glad I don’t have a vlog? (Vlog.)

Here goes!

After watching that video, don’t you want to make an air freshener of your own? You do? You do! Leave a comment below and and tell me about your favorite scent. Or tell me how you use oils. Or write a poem about your nose. In a few days I’ll do a random drawing and three people will win a bottle of Better Essentials oil! (Giveaways are fun. I really should do this more often. But probably without the videos.) Meanwhile, please hit the Better Essentials ad at the top of the page and check out all of their oils! The site suggests different ways to use different oils, the prices are great, shipping is free in the US, and the idea of supporting a small business owned by an awesome yoga instructor mom jazzes me to no end. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

55 thoughts on “We’re giving away Better Essentials oils!”

  1. I just recently started using a diffuser and I love it. Favorite scents are lavender and very light citrus scents. Also love peppermint, but more for lotions and shampoo.

  2. Oh! I love peppermint for headaches! It has been a game changer, except for the fact that I smell like Altoids all the time:)

  3. Lavender helped with sleep when I was pregnant. Beyond that, I am intimidated by oils but would like to be less intimidated. Thanks for the giveaway! Your raves also have convinced me to try Yoga Camp with Adriene–thank you!

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