It will be just like my college days, but not really. Not at all, really.


Clarification: Meredith will actually be sleeping during the sleep deprivation study. (One of her classes requires a 35-minute presentation, and she chose sleep as her topic. Jeff and I are the animals being tested.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “It will be just like my college days, but not really. Not at all, really.”

  1. Too funny! I tell ya, the things we do for our kids. But hey, you know this is GREAT preparation for when you’re volunteering at her all-night high school graduation party. Which, I might add, is practically just around the corner!

  2. I once had to be “sleep deprived” and stay up all night for en EEG. It was SO HARD. I wish I had known about the all-night bread pudding bakery back then.

  3. Carroll, let’s not talk about Meredith graduating from high school. My grandson is graduating this year and I don’t have enough Kleenex to even think about her graduating!

  4. You and Jeff will be up all night and you have *Knit* at the top of your list. LOL! I haven’t been married as long as y’all, and my list would still be very similar. :)

    Sleep *fascinates* me. It’s just incredible and so weird and bizarre (all your functions such down or something!), and then *dreams* enter the picture and WHAM! more bizarrity. I could read about sleep for hours…until I fell asleep, that is.

  5. Donna, I hear ya! And yet I am still contemplating adopting Angela’s tradition of giving her girls a “Class of…” shirt at the start of school each year. Our grandsweetie will be starting K in the Fall, so let’s see…Class of ’29??!!! Dear Goodness, will I even still be alive to see her graduate?

    Mind passing me some of those tissues?

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