Curiouser and curiouser!

This afternoon I was told that we should replace judgement with curiosity and I LOVE that, so I decided to start immediately. I then made the mistake of turning on CNN and watching political news.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Luckily, the day wasn’t a total detour from my path to Tranquil Town. I made a shirt! (I received a Cricut for Christmas. I sort of want to spend all of my time cutting vinyl and making window clings.)


Also, I went to a steakhouse where I ate fries dipped in cinnamon butter and I feel only slightly guilty about that choice.

(Only two more days until I draw winners of essential oils!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

4 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser!”

  1. I love the shirt and can think of a couple people I know for whom it would be a great gift. Any chance you’d sell them?

  2. I would buy the heck out of that shirt. You look amazing! I am so happy the yoga is agreeing with you.

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