108 Insights Into My Soul

The neighbors down the street have a tree that looks like this (because this is their tree) and I really have no idea what it is, but I love it. When I pass it during my walks I always say, “You’re a very pretty tree.” because we all need encouragement to keep doing nice things.


I have a friend who has the strange ability to read my mind and I could sing songs to you all evening about her, but I also want to keep her all to myself. Yesterday morning I spent quite a bit of time reading about mala beads. I think they’re lovely, I like the thought of having a tool for focusing on good intentions, and I’ve been a little stressed out lately so anything that gives my fingers something to do is just what the doctor ordered (although the doctor didn’t really order it). ((Clichés are rattlesnakes.))

Last night I met my friend for tea. She reached into her bag and handed these jasper mala beads to me. She had no idea that I had been doing research. Magical.

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3 thoughts on “108 Insights Into My Soul”

  1. I just ordered my own Mala beads last week…

    I can’t tell you what you are thinking, but we seem to be on the same path of thinking, lately.

  2. The one in front is definitely a magnolia. The one in back is pretty much a spectacularly beautiful blooming fruit tree of some sort — details to be revealed a few months on down the road when/if fruit develops (unless it’s a fruitless variety, in which case it’s glory days are peaking as we speak). I’m sure they are the best of friends :-)

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