Here’s to 100 more.

Things I’ve done every day for the past 100 days:
1. Shower
2. Eat food
3. Yoga

Today was my 100 day yoga anniversary and I celebrated by filling out forms for Meredith’s summer camp while drinking a caramel macchiato.

I also swatched for a cardigan:

I also started the border for a shawl:

I also made a bare bones quiche out of eggs, zucchini, and carrots:

(While preparing the ingredients for the quiche, I cut my finger trying to pick zucchini out of my Veggetti, and that sounds a lot nastier than it was.)

Everything has changed since I started doing yoga. It’s my new favorite doughnut and if that doesn’t make sense, just know that the peace I feel after practicing yoga is the same peace I used to feel after sucking all of the raspberry jelly out of a raspberry jelly filled sugar doughnut. (Also, I’m much nicer now than I was 100 days ago. More mindful. More present. I can hold a side plank for 45 minutes.)

(I’m lying. I can maybe hold one for 45 seconds, though, and that’s a heck of a lot more seconds than zero seconds which was my record 100 days ago.)

((I usually don’t wear shoes when I’m practicing yoga, but you don’t need to see that.)) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “Here’s to 100 more.”

  1. Do you go to a yoga class? I feel like I read that you follow a video? Recommendations?? I’m proud of you!! Yoga = cream filled long john…yay!!

  2. I believed you when you said 45 minutes…

    (I’m with Carroll – how DID you get in that position?)

  3. Is that one of the new malabrigo grays? because YUM, I love them.

    Also, I really need to start a yoga practice of my own. I could use some strength and niceness. :)

  4. Yoga is so good in so many ways. I bought videos for my sisters and neither will try it because “it’s some kind of freaky religious thing.” I gave up trying to convince them.

  5. Although I want one, I can’t bring myself to buy a vegetti because … it sounds so dirty and nasty. I did actually bring myself to try the Belvita biscuits, which are actually tasty, but refused to try them for a long time because in the commercial it sounded like they were saying Velveeta, and there’s nothing that says nausea like cinnamon flavored fake cheese.

  6. I’m so glad you’ve discovered the wondrous world of yoga. When I’m on mat, it really is the only time I’m truly confident with this body. Yoga does good things for the brain.

  7. You’re inspiring me to get back on my mat!! I too like to suck the jelly out of donuts which is even more reason for me to get on the mat. ;)

  8. Yoga makes everything better – I preach the gospel of yoga!

    I have been knitting for a few months, and am ready to start a project. Can you recommend a simple hat pattern for me? (I am a beginner. I trust you with this.)

  9. hi angela,

    After you did the first 30 days with Adrienne in January, what did you continue to use? Do you go to a studio or is it all online? Thanks

  10. 100 days is very impressive and inspiring! How long is your practice each day? Does it vary?

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