“What I mean and what I say is two different things,” the BFG announced rather grandly.

I need to put my arm around a sea lion sometime in the next 10-15 years.

I would like to see Macklemore in concert, but I can’t really explain why. Also, Beyoncé.

I’m reading The BFG because I promised Harper I would before we see the movie next week.

Jeff took Meredith and I to see Love & Friendship yesterday, and Meredith and I fell asleep shortly after the movie began. I have requested the Jane Austen novella from the library to alleviate some of the shittiness I feel about falling asleep. Stay tuned. (There is no reason to stay tuned.)

I opened the refrigerator this morning to find that the lightbulb was out. Sure, I could have used this as an excuse to go straight back to bed, but I didn’t! I persevered, and I will continue to persevere because of my journey. (I haven’t really thought about my journey.) At 9:00 I participated in a conference call that mapped out my freelance schedule from August through mid-September (and potentially beyond). I ate watermelon balls. I am now getting ready to cut felt circles and shop for gooey butter cake and Meredith will be going to a friend’s house and I’m still Tour de Fleece-ing! Here is evidence!


We dropped Harper off at her camp on Sunday and as of right now, it’s halfway over. Good. One of the things I’ve learned this summer is that I don’t really like it when my kids are at camp. (I’ve also learned that my forever style will probably consist of dresses with compression pants. I look fairly decent, and I can take off running at high speeds if necessary, because my muscles are pre-warmed and my moisture is wicked, where wicked has nothing to do with being odious and everything to do with absorption.)

Meredith: I wish I could go back to camp.
Me: Why?
Meredith: Those were simpler times.

(She also wishes I would set up our kitchen like the camp cafeteria, with ice cream at every meal and more main dish choices.)

I woke up at 3:36 in the morning because Chip the cat had knocked my book off of the nightstand and was running across the bedroom floor with my glasses in his mouth.


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5 thoughts on ““What I mean and what I say is two different things,” the BFG announced rather grandly.”

  1. You didn’t mention if you changed the bulb or not. My fridge has two bulbs and one has burned out. Of course this means it’s a little darker in there, but I can still see our (lack of) food. So the question is: did you change the bulb, and if so, did you also unplug the fridge before you did it per the safety warnings on all websites and manuals so they don’t get sued when that ONE person doesn’t unplug it and is electrocuted or something. I’m waiting for someone to tell me that they survived changing the bulb without unplugging, so that I can change mine… not that I expect you to be a guinea pig and do it just for me… just asking for a friend… me actually. It’s one thing to screw in a lightbulb, but when you have to pull out the fridge (making sure you don’t yank out the water line), unplug it, change said bad lightbulb, then discover that while you could pull the cord, you can’t plug it back in by reaching through the tiny crevasse between wall/counter and fridge, and now must pull the fridge out farther (without ripping out the water line) and all of that seems like too much work.

  2. Apparently, I risked my life when I changed the refrigerator light bulb without unplugging the fridge. I suppose I should read the manuals a little (lot) better. Nah, that’s not going to happen.

  3. I’m another rebel who lives to tell the tale of changing the lightbulb in her fridge without unplugging. I also lived through changing the shattered bulb in the oven – getting that one out was a doozy, but no shocks!

  4. The cat’s thought bubble:


    Sometimes we think about getting a cat and then look at our riduculously well-behaved collies and just laugh and laugh.

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