All the counselors hate the waiters and the lake has alligators.

I keep coming over here to update you on what’s happening, but it seems that every time I start typing it’s either “You guys. I’ve been working more than ever lately.” or “Less than 72 hours until Meredith is in our car again.” or “Harper leaves for her camp on Sunday.” or “My aching shoulder!” and unless you are living under this roof, none of it really means anything. (Because I lack Balance, the house goes to hell when I have deadlines, but you don’t care about that. We’re still able to eat. No one is suffering. Yes, that pan has been in the sink for over a week, but it hasn’t really affected my spirit.)

I used part of my Barnes and Noble settlement money to order the new Dave Eggers book that’s coming out on July 26th. Do you care about that? No? (I care about it. I need it to be better than The Circle.)

The Tour de Fleece begins on July 2. Although I’m not an “official” participant, I’m using the event as an excuse to get back on the wheel. Yesterday I cleaned her up and restrung her.


I then went to the closet and retrieved my alpaca/silk rainbow gradient.


And even though it was June 29 which is not quite July 2, I spun because it was a tricky day and spinning muffles my monkey mind. I’ll keep you updated. (On the spinning. Not my mind. Actually, I’ll probably keep you updated on that, too.) If you’re interested in the specifics, the yarn will be a chain ply in the DK weight range. I haven’t devoted much time to spinning in the past year, so it will be thick and thin, but not intentionally.

Oh! Wait! This past Saturday I was able to meet someone I knew only from the internet as she and her husband crossed the country on their motorcycle. We brunched and I love her and I know the internet can be sort of a crap town, but it’s also daisies and waffles.

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4 thoughts on “All the counselors hate the waiters and the lake has alligators.”

  1. I was completely unfamiliar with Dave Eggers and briefly thought you were talking about the Dave guy who is all about using only cash but not credit cards. Dave……Ramsey? I don’t know. Anyway – I clicked on the link to see what you were thinking about and this Dave seems a lot more interesting, at least from a “I like fiction” perspective. It’s funny what you say about your mind. I was in a meeting with my team, and I switched back and forth between three topics rather abruptly, and then felt compelled to say “you know my brain is like this all the time, right?” Ha!

  2. I really liked it, but I think that may be because the narrator did such a good job of making the characters creepy and unlikable.

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