Arboreous Affairs

The tree in the photo below didn’t have berries in 2014.
He didn’t have berries in 2015.
He now has berries.


Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he has berries because he’s been having tree sex with THIS little lady who lives on the other side of the garage.


The only reason I suspect copulation is because she has NEVER had this MANY berries. It’s like they’re just passing berries back and forth all willy nilly and while I certainly don’t mind, I think this tree does.

Why does she mind? Because SHE is fresh berry guy’s WIFE! She’s planted less than four feet away from him, and come on! She’s not blind. She sees what’s going on here. (We ALL see what’s going on here.)

Because it’s only November 3rd and I’m already struggling for things to talk about, let me share the following with you (again). It’s Meredith and her friend playing Trees. (Of course.)

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4 thoughts on “Arboreous Affairs”

  1. That first tree — I LOVE those! Haven’t seen one since moving away west from my childhood home. It’s a yew tree, yes? I used to squish the berries and make a kind of “Goop Soup” (inedible — poisonous — don’t post this as a recipe!!!) out of them. Also, I’m thinking that your tree might need a bit of gender re-imaging — with that gorgeous array of berries, I have a feeling he’s a she!

  2. I love Holly bushes! I think you’re correct about the other two fooling around. It’s been a steamy fall so far.

  3. I love the marimba duet! If that’s not a marimba, don’t correct me ;) I always wanted to learn to play the marimba. Those are very talented young women!

  4. I, too, think the tree with it’s first berries is a lady tree. I still loved — LOVED — your little story about the shenanigans you suspect and the reaction of the berryless tree to all of it. What a nice little respite from so much anxiety in the daily news.

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