Everything will be okay.

One week from today we will (hopefully) know who the next President of the United States will be.

It doesn’t matter who wins. (It really does matter. It does! Holy crap. Yes.)

Everything is going to be okay. (I hope everything will be okay. Dear God, please make everything be okay.)

Here. Wait. As long as I know that this place exists, everything will be okay.


It combines two of my favorite things and I’ve never been there and I have no idea how it works. Question: Because I focus on veggie sushi, would I have to eat a bunch of rice and asparagus wrapped in a seaweed tortilla? (I don’t want to know the answer to that question. Everything is going to be okay.)

As long as the Half Crocked Chef keeps serving up honey flights, everything will be okay.


I went to Springfield last weekend to visit my sister. She took me to Half Crocked Chef, and I fell in LOVE. I now have a jar of their raw honey with fresh bee pollen and a jar of Hawaiian Hot Honey, which is raw honey infused with Hawaiian hot peppers, li hing mui, Hawaiian sea salt, and pineapple. I hate that my life is halfway over and I’m just now eating Half Crocked Chef honey. BUT, everything will be okay.

As long as Violence, Tobacco, and Inhalants can still chill with Cocaine, LSD, and Marijuana to the tune of Total Eclipse of the Heart on a stage in an elementary school gymnasium, everything will be okay.


“I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark! We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks!”
But it’s going to be okay. Hopefully.
It will.
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7 thoughts on “Everything will be okay.”

  1. They still do this all to Total Eclipse of the Heart? They did that when I was in DARE a million years ago!

  2. In high school, I was in a group called PRIDE that performed a very similar skit. We would fight over who got to wear the crack cape.

  3. My grandson’s elementary school has Red Ribbon Week, where each day they do special things to celebrate being drug free and high on life, with the grand finale being everyone wears pajamas to school on Friday. Including teachers. Whatever works!

    As for next Tuesday, I have feared a few times recently that my heart would stop while reading news. I decided the outcome of the World Series would guide me — the Cubs would win and the good Chicago vibes would carry over to the candidate born in Chicago. They won tonight. I’m going to breathe deeply.

  4. Pretty much my first comment here was when I backed Obama and you and I rejoiced.. Please Dog let the same team win good bad or ugly because the other team is terrifying ????

  5. Your title up there is really reassuring. Yesterday we embarked on a >9 hour drive (which is why I didn’t comment here sooner) to attend birth of elder son’s first child. We made it safe and sound, and so did she, but she’s in NICU at the moment for reasons yet unknown (we’re at motel — son and the mom are at hosp meeting with medical peeps as we speak) I love Grammy’s faith in the Cubs’ vibes, and shall take it, along with your reassurance here as all the good omens we need!!!

  6. I’m normally a pretty solid person. No real extremes, very realistic – rock steady.

    The mere possibility fills me with fear.

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