It stays awake at night and hoots in the key of F.

First I went into the bathroom, took a photo of my fist, and questioned my hair.
Me: Hair, are you looking the way I want you to look? Should I rethink you?
Hair: I’m just hair.

I then signed a yellow sheet of paper to let everyone know that I don’t have AIDS and that I’m not drunk and that I won’t become froggy and unreasonable.

After that, I sat in a chair and let this guy do this thing. (It’s Zach Galifianakis!)

(It hurt.)

Ten minutes later? I walked out with gauze and trash bags taped to my arm.

Spontaneous Poetry:
Gauze and trash bags on my arm.
I promise I will do no harm.
My big black puffy coat is warm.
Someone ring the cheese alarm.

And now I have my mountains.

Initially, I wished that they were facing me instead of facing the world. (The artist told me that tattoos that face inward is a total Pinterest thing.)

Ah, but then I spent some time looking at the upside down mountains, and they slowly transformed into a very wise owl.

Thus it is, and so it goes. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “It stays awake at night and hoots in the key of F.”

  1. I love your tattoo! And I just moved to Colorado from Northern California, so will be embracing the mountains myself. ;-)

  2. I like your owl. Mountains are not my thing, but I “get it” because the sea does to me what the mountains do to you.

    Tattoos, I don’t “get” those (in more ways than one) but that’s because I’m old enough to be your mother. At least that’s my excuse. I will, however, vouch for the artist who told you to make your tattoo face the rest of the world. He’s correct. Art is for the masses.

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