And so this is Christmas, and what have we done?

The past eight days have found me suffering from the same throat and nose thing that has infected everyone I know (along with their extended families and co-workers). I’ve had to cancel on lunches and coffees and cookie baking parties and family Christmas parties and here is a photo that was taken yesterday when I had a fever and a stomach thing along with the nose and the throat thing and I think Jesus was trying to call me home.


I looked toward the light and said, “Please give me more time, Jesus. I have plans for 2017.” And He said, “Okey doke, but make sure those plans are for the Good, because I’m starting to get tired of all the Not Good down there.” And I answered, “You betcha. Good is what I do best.” And He whispered, “Jam on.”

This morning I felt a tiny bit better, so I took a shower (it was time) and swallowed some pills and decided to drive to a store to buy pajamas for the girls because it’s the last day of school for the year and I buy Christmas pajamas for them every year and Right Now! I NEED TO GO RIGHT NOW! (I don’t feel so good.) I’M LEAVING! I’VE TAKEN MY MEDICINE!

I grabbed a coffee and drove to Old Navy and after I chose the girls’ pajamas I started sweating and I felt like I was going to faint so I decided to take deep breaths and focus on plaid shirts because I don’t have one and I think I might need one, where “need” is a huge exaggeration because what do I NEED? Fluids. Rest. (MAYBE a plaid shirt? YES a plaid shirt.)


In a few minutes I’ll be picking up my Glasses o’ Severity and later this evening I’m going to load my new green pen and write down all of my childhood memories into this red notebook. All of them. (Cold medicine was included in the photo just for fun because I’ve taken a lot of it and I’m not embarrassed. Maybe a little jittery, but not embarrassed.)


I’m missing out on another gathering this evening and I’m bummed because I STILL haven’t found Christmas and my head is filled with stories of oranges and live nativity scenes and Oh! The online holiday concert went live a few days back and I’m in it. What I *want* to do is point out all of the bad parts within my submission and tell you to just skip to the very end where I do a special shout out to Prince. What I *will* do is smile politely and tell you that I hope your holidays are filled with pleasant smells and nice thoughts and good health and music that lifts you. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas, and what have we done?”

  1. I have the same malady, I’m so sorry you are sick too! I hope this passes for both of us soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. “Better to be sick now than ON Christmas” (she said platitudinally) <–(immediately after which, she made that word up to describe what she had just done, but come to think of it, the already extant "sanctimoniously" would have done just fine.)

    Bottom line? Feel better soon!! I the nick of time to have fun this weekend, one hopes.

    Hope the girls love their new jammies !!

    Oh, and that shirt? It's GREAT!!! Exactly the right thing to complement the forthcoming new specs. You will look completely fabulous. Hopefully feeling fabulous is not far behind. Eight days is plenty long enough to be feeling crappy!

  3. Fever hallucinations are the best. One time I was home sick and I swear a helicopter landed in our front yard and then took off.

    Hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy the Holiday with loved ones.

  4. I used to buy myself a plaid flannel shirt from L.L.Bean every year. Until I found I had enough, where enough=6.

    Hoping you feel much better much soonly!

  5. I have had my annual Christmas cold since Christmas eve. It really sucks. I’m sorry you were sick and miserable.

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