And as I turned to make my way back home, the snow turned into rain.

I didn’t think I was feeling the holiday spirit this year, but then I started listing my joys from the past week and the list looks like it might actually smell like Christmas:

1. Ate black bean samosas at a cat cafe. (If you aren’t allergic to cats I recommend finding a cat cafe that serves black bean samosas, because really.)


2. Held a seven-month-old baby who squeaks and smiles and does that uncontrollable crazy baby arm thing that I’ve always loved.

3. Spent three and a half hours in the car alone with my nephew as I drove him back home from St. Louis. We’ve never had that much time alone to solve the world’s problems, and it was wonderful.

4. Listened to three generations of talented musicians singing and playing folk songs in our dining room.


5. Met two of my favorite friends from college for beer and hummus. I haven’t seen one of these friends in nearly 25 years and what a night. What a night!


6. Saw my niece for the first time in over a year and suddenly she looks and acts like a teenager, and I’m willing to bet that she has read more books than you in the past twelve months.

7. Listened to my brother-in-law reading a very entertaining short story titled “Don Quixote and the Ambiguity of Reading.”


8. Shared a few too many beers at a self-serve taphouse with a friend who makes time pass entirely too quickly. I smiled until my face hurt. I tilted my head to the right because that’s what I tend to do when I don’t have words. I walked away with an autographed Anthony Bourdain book and a bucket of beans and the perfect blend of HappySad.


9. Added to my honey collection. I now drizzle honey onto and into nearly everything I eat or drink, which means I’ll soon begin: 1. Communicating by using pheromones, and 2. Growing hair out of my eyes.


And now it’s time to close down this year as we figure out how to make next year better. I’m going to accomplish Better with fresh words and new music and Revolution. Also, the new album by A Tribe Called Quest, blueberry vinegar, a candle that smells like a bonfire, and viciously unconventional revivification. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “And as I turned to make my way back home, the snow turned into rain.”

  1. Lovely post to close out the year. Tell me about this tap house. I’m intrigued. And arguably within driving distance.

  2. That is a roaring great list!

    I think we might need to hear just a tiny bit of explanation about the bucket of beans from the tap house though.; that one has me flummoxed.

    Merry New Year to you and your good family, my far-too-far-away friend. I would very much like to meet you at a cat cafe which serves black bean samosas someday!

  3. PLEASE please start communicating about all things by wiggling your butt in circle or figure 8 dances. I can’t wait!

  4. Happy New Year, my young friend. What a lovely collection of activities in your post, which I consider a cosmic sign that the world will keep spinning nicely. Good food and drink, good friends, family, some music and books and lots of laughter is a supreme way to spend some time. Carry on.

  5. love that Dan Fogelberg song…

    Getting together with old friends is the BEST! That, and kitties and happy babies!

    Happy happy, merry merry…

  6. Hello – I’ve been a lurker on your blog for years. I just wanted to thank you for talking about the January yoga camps with Adriene. I’ve had 3 years of health problems, associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have become increasingly limited in my movement. You inspired me to have a go, and I’ve just completed Day 1 (ok – 4 days late). I cannot tell you what an achievement this is for me. Thank you! And thanks for your blog which cheers me and moves me in so many ways. Happy New year!

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