A habit I need to break is my frequent use of the word Dude. However, I’m going to wait a bit (maybe 450 words or so) to completely squash it because it has come in handy lately to lighten a few potentially tough blows.

For example: “Because our insurance changed this morning, a prescription that would have cost $50 yesterday may cost over $200 today.”

Tough, right?

NOW, read it THIS way: “DUDE! Because our insurance changed this morning, a prescription that would have cost $50 yesterday may cost over $200 today.”

Slightly better, right? (Also: IT’S A TRUE STORY.) 2017 is 1/6 of the way over, and I guess that’s good. Four hours is 1/6 of the day, so we’re sort of at four in the morning on this year, and didn’t Night Ranger sing a song about Four in the Morning? (They did.) 2017 hasn’t been my favorite.

Please know that I just listened to the Night Ranger song and I knew every single word. It’s interesting how my brain holds lyrics from the 80s, but it can’t retain the code to open our garage door from the outside.

Dude. Why do I have to spend time trying to track down a box from Thailand that’s filled with tiny Styrofoam balls? (Answer: Because Harper is making slime and she wants texture, so she ordered tiny Styrofoam balls. From Thailand. AND, I was supposed to sign for it but I didn’t make it to the door in time and are you still reading about the tiny balls? I love you.)

Dude. I have a friend who performs KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS, yet I’m having a hard time stirring up the energy to drive to the store for walnuts. It’s a five minute drive that I could probably do with my eyes closed. In fact, I believe I will. Later. Maybe.

Dude. Did you know that kids with lice are no longer required to stay home from school until there is no evidence of lice?! Apparently, hitting the school district attendance goal is more important than controlling a potentially wanderlusting gaggle of blood-sucking vermin.

I woke up on Sunday morning and felt an undeniable urge to knit an Obama washcloth. I drove to church, stood up in front of the congregation to read a few passages, mispronounced the word Clothes as Clowthes, forgot to ask God to help us find truth and guidance in these words (it’s a thing we do), sat back down feeling like a real jerk, ran out the side door when the service ended, drove to a craft dump for cheap cotton yarn, and before the Oscars were over, I had this guy on my chest. (I followed a pattern. I’m not a wizard.)



AND with that, I believe I’ve now duded enough. It’s like when you decide to quit smoking after smoking four back to back packs of Camels. Or when you drink a little too much tequila and you end up throwing up and then you never want to see another bottle of tequila. (And this is where I would say something like “Been There, Done That” but that’s even more overdone than Dude.)

Today begins Lent. I’m not taking anything away. Instead, I’m giving. (You can click on the 40 Acts box up and to the right if you’re curious.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

17 thoughts on “Dude.”

  1. Amazing washcloth – I hope we can channel Obama through that! And I did not even notice the lack of directly imploring God – I’m sure no one else did either.

  2. Is slime a big deal at schools there, too? Our middle school principal had to send out an official No Slime e-mail. Kids are going through glue and laundry detergent like……really sticky, clean clothes (?)
    (I backed myself into a corner and couldn’t come up with an appropriate analogy)

  3. As always you add some giggles and something to think about. Thanks for tickling my brain.

  4. DUDE, you are special and we love you so please keep your eyes open while driving.
    from both of us.

  5. Angela DUDE! You are totally the cat’s meow~! OR the pussy’s…LOL And, yeah, DUDE, you give the BEST hugs and you can rocket *anyone* to the ceiling OR the moon and beyond, DUDE! Rivals, anyone?! anyone?! Bueller?! hahahaha…love you! xxooxx P.S. the slime thing and live lice for the people totally trumps attendance (so so sorry for the pun!) But take note: lice do not hop, fly, jump, or survive on a non-human host~lalala: for comfort!!! Dude!! Boooooo!

  6. Girlfran! I don’t see any box up and to the right; weren’t you able to get to the door in time to sign for that either?! (super bad lame seque pun) No box! I need to go find 40 Acts (well, 39. 38, by now, I guess).

    Girlfran! Please don’t ever not once anymore nope not ever feel like a real jerk in your church. Sounds like there’s a whole lotta bunch of LOVE there, and I’m sure they’d be so sad that you felt jerky. <3

  7. Dude. I have discovered that if I drink a little too much wine in the evening, I suffer from tinnitus for the next two weeks. Still not enough to keep me from imbibing when book group is at my house and I don’t have to drive afterward…

  8. I know this won’t be accepted — that’s o.k. but something strangely different is occurring than in the 60’s when my generation was protesting.
    Your children will be inheriting this world. Thankfully mine are already 34, 38, and 40! I am so very happy that they could grow up in a much more normal world.


  9. So, yeah, DUDE! It is IWD and, the world is attempting to survive without us, and DUDE! no post?! …I was hoping for some snarky snark from the ‘one’ who knits the best pussy hats!

    :) LOL

  10. My mental picture of a “craft dump” is a place populated by hobos and stray cats and dogs wearing knitted cardigans and creating macaroni art that they can display on discarded refrigerators. What a great dump.

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